Why is DOJ so heavily praised?


This is not a negative topic, I’ve never played on the server and it seems exceeding difficult to get on.

Regardless, anytime I hear references of servers being progressive in terms of Vehicles, Police, technology, ect - it’s always followed by “You know? Like what DOJ has”.

I see that huge youtubers play on it, so obviously that is a contributing factor. Does a youtuber own the server?


I believe Polecat324 is the main guy behind DOJ. The reason it gets brought up is because they are just a popular community. A lot of users watch their youtube channels (including me) so its just easier to reference them in an idea because others already know what you are talking about. Plus they have a pretty good community their so everyone seems to enjoy themselves over there when they play on their server.


I really like their new fire truck’s, and cop cars. But I have some respect towards them. But things I’ve been hearing about them I’ve sorta died off a bit of DOJ.


Never saw why DoJ is so heavily praised…Even when it was LCDoJ it still wasnt all that great.


Polecat owns it and the Code Zero crew plays on it (well over 1.5 million combined subs)

Just a server a lot of people know, they have a pretty neat CAD system also. Server seems to have a lot of desync issues for some reason though, more so than any public server I’ve seen.


if you talk to any ex DOJ team member they will tell you how bad it really is and that all they care about is youtube views for money all of the there videos are fake this is what people don’t realise about DOJ


I’m an ex-doj member. It’s not fun. Supervisors and department heads are corrupted. You need to have good friends in the department in order to be promoted. You probably spend 1 or more months as a probie. When the CZ guys patrol, only right ranks are allowed to be in patrol and all Trooper 1, Officer 1, and all Firefighter I are required to leave leaving the Master Troopers, Staff Sergeants, Department Heads, ect. DOJ doesn’t close apps because they are full, they close apps because they are internally struggling with promotions and internal issues. DOJ members are praised because DOJ is the biggest community out there and it’s “hard” to get accepted even though it’s not. Polecat and the others are on DOJ, which some people think that just because you recorded a video with one of the guys, it makes you special in some ways. I can go on but I’ll stop. But yeah, you’re right. It’s bad. But I’m not gonna lie, the training and procedures are good for people wanting to learn something.


If i’m correct I heard that Bugs, Jeff, and them aren’t members besides Polecat. He said it one of his streams that their allowed to play on it


I am an Ex-DoJ Member as well, as a matter of fact, the old Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant. It is quite big, simply because it has multiple large scale RP YouTubers such as Polecat324 (Runs the Community), BayAreaBuggs, Jeff Favignano, TheNorthernAlex (Twitch), and BlackHollow (Don’t know what platform he streams/records on). The community is not hard to get into, the FTO department was in shambles around the time I left, hence why it took MONTHS to get recruits trained. @BigRedFireTruck is correct regarding promotions, the Staff and up have created their little cliques (which is against the rules), You need to find a way to fit in. To be honest, back when I was in PD, I found a reason or a way to get into the “Clique” barely enough to be noticed, that is the only reason I worked my way up in that department. Then I joined BCSO when it opened, and worked my butt off there, that alongside the FD and Comms were the only departments that weren’t corrupt. This October, I got tired of the drama and nonsense that happened, and left with Firekitten, Stalker63, and a few others and we all started ACDC.


Other than it’s various Cons, DoJ Was still a great community. Good structuring, Training (If you made it through). and RP Experience was quite great, the only exception was when polecat got in game and it turned into nothing but pursuits.


ive herd from alot of former doj high ranking people that its sour and told me never to join


Polecat Owns it other Code Zero members are members none are admins.


I’m an ex-doj member too. I joined before the civilian department and all of that. When I left the civ department just opened. I left because like earlier posts said, it doesnt matter a whole lot on your skill (a 15 year old at the time running pd) its just if you have the right connections with people. It got very cancerous causing me and a bunch of my buddies to go our own way and make a community based on teaching the fundamentals and giving out promotions based on time and skill of the member. DoJ is great at spreading their word, but with my insider (not to be named) they are still doing shit. For reference I used to be 1B-29. I was quite up there.


All I say is, every community has some issues, however getting opinions from ex-members (many of who would have been banned) is not exactly an accurate data pool :wink: Its a truly amazing community to be a part of, just stick to the rules!


I would understand one of the rules to not double clan but I have been told one of their rules is that you can’t join any other fivem server other then DOJ official servers which sounds ridiculous if that’s really a rule…


I’ve heard that as well, and someone actually was able to show their website that had that rule listed… Fucking stupid.


I’m like… I can join the community but I can’t play any other servers like zombie servers, racing servers XD. Too greedy.


I know I wouldn’t get trapped in that type of agreement XD


its all publicity. And easier to reference. Its easier to say that ‘DoJ’s radar is good’ than saying ‘IMPROV RP :wink: has a radar that I want’.


who do i join doj i need help