Why does police cars lights look bad in my server?



why does police cars lights look bad in my server?

Please help i tried like 20 cars els and non els


You need to install a lighting Enhancer (RadianceV, etc)


i meant why are 90% of the lights are not real lights they are just pictures


that’s how the car itself was made a lot of them use a texture like a png file inside of the YTD to fill the object in with color etc but maybe finding a better
model that has a custom build light bar with custom carcols settings or just get a better visualsettings.dat installed client sided to improve the lights due to Rockstar dimming them and making them look like poop


doesnt work i tried so many cars and visual settings its not even funny


maybe you did not install the visualsettings properly cuz i can assure you it works i used it many times


i reinstalled the visualsettings and its brighter so first problem solved second problem not all the lights in lightbar are real lights and i using captain14 pack and chp pack so i dont think its the cars… (i have ELS4FiveM)


i didn’t install rediance correctly so i fixed it and its working now thanks man


My pleasure :smiley:

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