Why do so many FiveM roleplay servers use real life vehicles?


This is something that perplexes me. While I can see the occasional aesthetic benefits to using real life vehicles, I don’t understand their prevelance, especially when you have packs such as DispatchWorks and RDE.

I mean, real life vehicles have larger file sizes, are usually ported from other games so look out of place, and their file size increases lag and causes texture loss. The advantages and disadvantages seem relatively balanced, which makes me wonder why there aren’t more lore friendly FiveM servers.

Anyone else got an opinion on this? I wonder if anyone else has thought about this.


This probably has the same concept in common with the prevalence of ‘real-world vehicle modifications’ in the GTA series itself historically, whatever that underlying concept/desire may be.


FiveM RP seems to be 100% custom vehicles though - with singleplayer, you get things like Vanillaworks and RDE, along with the many, many real world vehicles. Maybe it’s something unique to FiveM, maybe it’s something unique to roleplay, maybe it’s because nobody’s thought to do it yet.


There is a community that uses regular gta 5 vehicles. Just edited to their liking.