Whitelist script


I have taken a look at a few but they were not working for me. Anyone know of any whitelist scripts? Preferably one that doesn’t require you to manually enter it in your database. I found one but it was broken completely and broke my es_admin.


Server Whitelist or a script whitelist(like a whitelisted menu) ?


Server whitelist. So they cant join without me entering there steamid to a database or something. Ive tried 3 of the fx ones but none work for me. I get bad_any_raycast or something along the lines of that.



This is the one I use for my test server. Works great. You’ll have to edit the name of the config file though. For some reason the resource file calls:

server_script 'config.lua’
server_script ‘server.lua’

However, the two files that come with the resource are:


So just edit the config file to “config.lua”.

All I did was enter the “steam:987938742932” and commented out the other lines. So it looked like this.

mode = 'whitelist'

steamIdsList = {
  -- 'steam:STEAMHEXID',
  -- 'STEAMID64',

errorMessage = 'You don\'t have access to this server.'

EDIT: As a plus, when a player is joining, it will show the players name obviously in the console but also the SteamID, so if you have someone you want to add to the list, have them try to join, then just pull their ID from the Server Console Window, add it to the whitelist and restart the resource, and they can join easily.


This works perfect and is so easy. I though it was for items not players lol. I saw it but didnt bother to read it.


It’s cool, glad you found a fix. Yeah, it’s super easy to use. I guess you could swap it to be a blacklist too, which is nice. Just make sure it didn’t break any other resources. If it does you may have to edit some of those global variables(change the names).


Everything loaded fine from what i can see. Looks great. Appreciate it.


Does this still work? I have it installed but people who are not white listed are able to join still?


Yes, I use it everyday. Did you set it up properly?

  1. Make sure it actually started the resource and didn’t throw an error in the Server Console.
  2. Make sure you have edited the name of the config file, like in my post above.
  3. Make sure the ID’s are correct.
  4. If you are trying to make changes while restarting the resource while also in game, then check both F8 client console and the Server Console for errors. Could just be a comma somewhere.

Best way to get the right SteamID is to whitelist the server, leave the list empty, then try to join it. At least then you know it’s working. Read the console, grab your SteamID from it after you tried to join, and paste that in the list.

My best guess is that the resource never started properly, hence why anyone can join. Or, you edited the resource and now it throws an error when trying to deal with a player, thus allowing them to join.