[WHITELIST & PUBLIC SERVERS] Zenith Gaming Network | CAD/MDT | Active Community | 100+ Members | ESX & Menu Based Servers | Multiple Servers | Custom Cars | Serious RP


Are you sick and tired of being in communities that have poor roleplay, immature staff, or extreme inactivity? I introduct to you Zenith Gaming Network (ZGN).

What is Zenith Gaming Network?

Zenith Gaming Network is a multi-game network. We offer game servers for games such as Rust and FiveM (more to come). We have friendly communities built around each of the games, while at the same time ensuring that things run smoothly.

What makes ZGN better than other FiveM communities?

Zenith Gaming Network is an active and established community with 100+ members, and we offer entirely serious roleplay. We have both public and private servers, as well as ESX and menu based. Some of our greatest features include:

  • Friendly community
  • Mature & active staff
  • Active community
  • Multiple servers
  • ESX + Menu Based
  • Whitelisted + public servers
  • Serious Roleplay

How to join

Get involved by joining our Discord!

From there if you’re interested in joining a department, just let us know by saying such in our general chat. (Please specify which department you’d like to join).

Screenshots (there’s a lot)

These screenshots are provided by our amazing community :blush:


Bump. Very active community, and we’re still looking for officers and fire/ems members.


Fire and EMS is now hiring!