Whitelist ESX jobs



How to set up a job as whitelist ???
in your sql database in jobs paste this line:


then go to your resources esx_joblisting/sevrer and edit esx_joblisting_sv.lua
and paste this line

SELECT * FROM jobs where whitelisted = false

Then if you want a job to be whitelisted , go to your database to jobs and put a “1” (without quotes) in the whitelist row
now the job won’t be showed on the job list

[Release] [ESX] [Police Job]

I don’t understand why you guys have to put a part in french. If you want to explain in french what you do, just go on a french forum :smiley:


just to be friendly, I could have put it only in english :slight_smile:
I put it only in english now haha


On an english forum yeah


Why is this in Releases rather than Modding Tutorials?


Okay but how do i white list the player if i set there job will it stick with them when they get a new job or? does it go away?


You no longer have to do this as it’s been intergrated directly into esx_jobs. In your SQL table all you have to do is changed whitelisted from 0 to 1 for the job you want whitelisted, then you /setjob [id] [job] [jobgrade], if they go to the job center and pick a new job after you’ve done this their job goes away (and you’ll have to /setjob them again).


well shoud do it so its a under role


EssentialMode doesn’t have roles yet, when and if it does ESX might make use of it.


Can someone put a video tutorial to this… im really REALLY confused :confused:


i can help you join my discord: my discord. i invented whitelist jobs :stuck_out_tongue:


hi @Jager_Bom can u relink ur discord plz ? i’m french, and i want to tell u a question plz, about ur script :wink:


here you go :slight_smile: