Whitelist ESX jobs



How to set up a job as whitelist ???
in your sql database in jobs paste this line:


then go to your resources esx_joblisting/sevrer and edit esx_joblisting_sv.lua
and paste this line

SELECT * FROM jobs where whitelisted = false

Then if you want a job to be whitelisted , go to your database to jobs and put a “1” (without quotes) in the whitelist row
now the job won’t be showed on the job list

[Release] [ESX] [Police Job]

I don’t understand why you guys have to put a part in french. If you want to explain in french what you do, just go on a french forum :smiley:


just to be friendly, I could have put it only in english :slight_smile:
I put it only in english now haha


On an english forum yeah


Why is this in Releases rather than Modding Tutorials?


Okay but how do i white list the player if i set there job will it stick with them when they get a new job or? does it go away?


You no longer have to do this as it’s been intergrated directly into esx_jobs. In your SQL table all you have to do is changed whitelisted from 0 to 1 for the job you want whitelisted, then you /setjob [id] [job] [jobgrade], if they go to the job center and pick a new job after you’ve done this their job goes away (and you’ll have to /setjob them again).


well shoud do it so its a under role


EssentialMode doesn’t have roles yet, when and if it does ESX might make use of it.


Can someone put a video tutorial to this… im really REALLY confused :confused:


i can help you join my discord: my discord. i invented whitelist jobs :stuck_out_tongue:


hi @Jager_Bom can u relink ur discord plz ? i’m french, and i want to tell u a question plz, about ur script :wink:


here you go :slight_smile:


hi i dont understand the top thing in your sql database in jobs paste this line:

ALTER TABLE jobs add whitelisted BOOLEAN NOT NULL DEFAULT FALSE; where do i do this i use heidisql but i dont understand how or where to put this. i have made a server for rp and whitelist jobs are the only thing that i miss. i hope you can help me


You don’t need to do it anymore because already included in the scripts


hmmm what is wrong then ? :stuck_out_tongue: i try to write /setjob [id] [job but that dont work, and i have whitelisted policejob and ambulance so they are not in the jobinfo so that works. but im stuck with not getting the whitelist to work then im gonna give some one the job …


Just put 1 in whitelist column in job table

It is setjob playerid jobname jobgrade


@Jager_Bom can u make a better whitelist the player loses the job when picking a civilian job and we have to whitelist again can u make it so they don’t lose the job when whitelisted or if anybody have a script that do that can someone share it.


i don’t understand what you need, my whitelist system is functionning and is already included in newest esx system …


@Jager_Bom It’s working but it has flaws when ever the person is whitelisted for example a police officer and wants to play a civilian the player loses the job and needs to be whitelisted again can u make a way so whitelisted people don’t lose their jobs not sure if u get what I mean.