Where to find Jailing Script up in the north & Lock system for cars is bugged



Anyone knows where i possibly could find one, Also in need of Auto-restart script every 6hour. Thanks in advance lads! <3


^ has a good jail system

As far as the lock system, post on the original thread that you got it from. They should be able to help you there.

EDIT Auto Restart:


Does the Jailing script just include the standard Jail up in the north? Right now we use cells but it isnt that good tbh. Also what would i need to change in the Server Auto Reset script since it has every 1h and i want every 6h. Thanks in advance


For the Auto Restart:

Where it says timeout /t 3600 >null you’d change the 3600 to 21600 [It’s in seconds]

EDIT: Make sure to scroll down in the post to find the updated FX compatible version :wink:

Jail System:

I do believe it is the prison instead of the city jail (Don’t quote me though)


Yes the jail system takes them to the actual prison.


Works great! Thanks a lot.