Where do you host your server?


I use GameHosting.co for a VPS, with the highest specs as I could.

This runs my Teamspeak Server, Web Server, and FiveM Server.

I was wondering what you guys use, and if I should switch, or if I could help some of you guys.


I use to use Aruba cloud because they provide a server for $1.51/month but I moved my 5m server to linode because of the quality of hardware (raid SSDs and all.)


You might want to switch to ZAP hosting.


@Scott_UK Do you know how hard it is to understand ZAP-Hosting if you only host a fivem server on it?


That makes no sense.

What do you even mean by that.


@Scott_UK I tried helping out some people that hosted a server on ZAP-Hosting even tho we where 3 people and I know a lot about Fivem servers / Making fivem servers no one could figure out how to get that freaking SQL database working. And the support is terrible


Maybe you just do not know how to do the sql database.


Regardless, ZAP-Hosting is the ONLY authorized hosting provider for FiveM Servers. Therefore, using any other company that provides FiveM Servers is at risk of being blacklisted. SO:

  • ZAP Hosting
  • VPS
  • Dedicated
  • Home hosted

That’s it.


@albin-32 what he said


using a NFOservers VPS located in New York. runs all i need, and more. personally i would not buy JUST fivem hosting (eg $ per slot) but everyone is different.


I said that I am using a high end VPS from GameHosting.co.


I use Zap Hosting for my server two, though.
The point of my posting this, is because I wanted to see what VPS, and Dedicated Servers people use.


vpsdime: 4 cores, 6gb ram, SSD, 6 locations, $7/m


I use them too, pretty solid support too and fast acting.


I use linode for the hosting as the hardware is great for the servers. I have 0 server crashes on record.


Thanks for your input


zap has shit support


I host it next to me.