Where do i start at resource developing?



So… hey! :smiley:
I went through docs that is linked in main page of fivem, but i didn’t really find it as useful. There isn’t much described and apparently there’s much more to fivem than docs have info about it. Can anyone help out on where i can find everything about fivem that can help me to make resources?

P.S would be nice if you could link or tell me stuff about fivem default stuff not extensions/frameworks and so on. 'Cause i’d like to participate in Game Type Constest, but you can link such stuff if you think they are useful for future development when i’ll get to other stuff. Thanks!


The game type contest is the perfect time to get familiar with FiveM and starting coding yourself. It will be frustrating at first, but once you push through that, it’s a lot of fun to see code you’ve written modify the GTA world around you!

I advice you to have a look through the #development:tutorials category. There are various tutorials including how to create a basic resource.

Secondly, theres the https://docs.fivem.net which I think you already mentioned. The scripting areas also have a lot of information.

You can also have a look through #development:releases and download some popular releases and inspect the code. Try and understand what’s going on, how it’s structured and why the code is there.

The natives documentation will give you a list of GTA functions that you will use a lot. For example CreateVehicle() to spawn a vehicle or GetHashKey while loading a Ped model. https://runtime.fivem.net/doc/natives/

Lastly, Google. Google is your best friend. In the end, your still coding so a lot of coding related questions have answers all over the internet on platforms like stackoverflow or GTA modding forums.

Good luck!

Newbie to running/making a server

@d0p3t hey man, thank you very much for your reply and all info you provided! I’ll definitely check everything out. I found that natives function list right after i created this topic, that was basically what i needed. :smiley: Last thing pretty much, i can’t find a list of all event names. Could you help me out with that?