When I go to download it says unable to load page asaphelp



Hi, when I go to download, I’m using Microsoft edge, and if I use internet explorer it works fine.
I have all the right requirements for the five m so I don’t know what the problem is.
Any help is appreciated

Thank u!

It just says unable to load page after I go to download :disappointed:


Wait, so u mean u can or can’t download fivem?


I can’t, it says unable to load page after I click download


I can’t reproduce this on my end. The page loads fine and I can get to the point where I download the file.


Ok sorry, like I go to five m, click download, then it goes to the terms and conditions but it doesn’t load that and then I try again and it says sorry can’t load the page.

I try it on the laptop just to see, the terms and conditions work fine, I know a laptop can’t handle five m, I just was testing the site.


After you accept the Terms and Conditions, do you get the “You’re awesome :mascot:” page? Or does the page crash on showing that? On Edge everything works fine for me, can’t imagine why it wouldn’t load for you.


@gamerlass94 https://runtime.fivem.net/client/FiveM.exe odes that work for u?


that link might work hoild on …


That link should work, but if not then that’s probably why the page crashes.


it asks how do I want to open this file


Yeah, that’s what it should show you. You can either “Open” (which will open it right after saving), or “Save” which will save the file to where you specify and then you can run it whenever.


where do I save it? sorry for all the questions. I bought a high ending gaming computer just to play five m


No worries!

This page should be able to help you out:


thank u, I might use a video to help as well. thanks again. I will let u know if all good or if I need more assistance.
tjamks again


No problem! Good luck!


I cant seem to figure out where to put it… kind of confused


I tried to do it but I’m just having a little difficulties aand a bit of confusion


What step are you confused on? Did you try putting the downloaded file in a folder and running it from there? I installed FiveM so long ago I don’t remember what exactly I did, but I could’ve sworn I just ran the file from where it was downloaded to (though apparently that isn’t how it works now).


I pushed download or whatever then it gives ne the open or save option and I looked at the link u sent me for help and I think I did everything right, but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong haha, I even made a new folder… hmm let me think how to explain it better


Are you getting an error message or anything? If so, try and post a screenshot of it. That’d help more than explaining it :slight_smile: