What should my next pack be?



If you have not seen my last post I made a poll for a bunch of departments and asked what you wanted to see. While I make my next pack I will leave the opportunity for you to vote on the pack I will make after. Here is the poll. If you have suggestions for what I should have in the poll next time let me know in the replies. You may vote for a maximum of 5.

  • Blaine County
  • Paleto Bay
  • Sandy Shores
  • Grapeseed
  • Harmony
  • Highway Patrol
  • State Police
  • Los Santos County
  • Park Ranger
  • Border Patrol
  • Fire Department
  • Military Forces

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Need state police pack
What kind of car pack would you like made into a resource?

Will be closing at this time:


I have decided any packs above 30 % will be done at some time this month and i will keep having polls as the month goes on for what i do in what order.


I decided that in about 9 Hours and 20 Minutes I will be closing it as I have no other packs to do and I want to get more packs available to everyone!


Looks like these are the ones being made!
Here is an ETA for them all

Fire Department


All others

Note, they will be separate packs, but they will all be done by this time.


New poll coming with next release.


just a quick question when is the fire dept pack being released

it should have been released about 9+ hours ago
so i m just a little comfused because the timer is counting up and not down

keep up the good work
i love the packs


How about you actually finish previous packs before releasing more? There is no point releasing buggy half completed packs that people are only going to have to update later.


I did do a fire department pack, but it was extremely buggy, I took it down. So while I do smaller things I will fix the Fire Department pack, and potentially add more vehicles to it that were not already there.