What menus can cause bans?


I was banned but like I should I have been waiting for it to run out the only menus I had were simple trainer and menyooo and I didn’t inject anything into my files


Hi there,

The ban system only gets triggered when something is injected into the game. Unfortunately this means that either yourself, or somebody else using your account, has injected something into the game. If you are convinced this was not you who did it, then you might want to consider changing your account password because it may be compromised.

Unfortunately, as stated in the ban message, FiveM staff is unable to assist you in the event of a global ban. You will have to wait for the ban to expire.


To add to the message above, Lambda Menu or TrainerV do not trigger a ban, only injecting something could trigger it.


@Vespura Would a trainer like Menyoo cause a ban. Im not using it but i want to make sure to remove it if it does.


I doubt it, unless you need to inject it into the game.


I didn’t inject anything I had modified files for gta5 single player


If it wasn’t you, then it must’ve been someone else.


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