What makes peds move for cops



Hey I have a question,

Does anyone know what it is that makes the peds move out the way of cop cars so that I can do it to another addon car?




It would be your carvariations.meta and vehicles.meta files. You can google both files and get a template of how they should be setup. On your vehicles.meta make sure you include the proper flags and vehicle types.


Your vehicle class should look like this VC_EMERGENCY


Hey, thanks for your reply!

I do have the vehicle class and flags set in the vehicles.meta but im not sure what exactly you think i need to edit in the carvariations.meta, could you elaborate?

Thanks again


They SHOULD start pulling over once you have your vehicles.meta in and a carvariantions file setup for each vehicle that you addon. It can be separate files or one with all of them if you have them in the same resource. Here is what I use. I have all of my LEO/Fire/EMS vehicles in one resource. Just change the name for each vehicle. This shows my lspd1 and lspd2

EDIT: It did not paste. Send me a message with your Discord and I will try to help you more and send you a carvariations file.

If you need more help setting up your carvariations.meta you can google how to make one. This SHOULD give you a good start though.