What kind of mods/servers would the community like to see introduced into FiveM?


I’ve recently stumbled across this mod through my buddy watching GTA V RP videos. At first, we were like

‘wtf, how do they have mods on GTA Online? And why aren’t they being mowed down by Blackhawks with exploding rounds? And why aren’t they being spontaneously combusted along with everyone else on the server? This has to be some kind of dedicated server mod’

And surely enough, it was. And, in case you didn’t catch my humor above, I was hinting at how cancer GTA:O is with hackers and why I’ve ultimately retired from it.

But anyway, I was happy to see that this game with a near infinite amount of potential in a fun multiplayer, was, in fact, getting that treatment (cause GTA:O is trash). At best, this reminds me of Garry’s Mod, which is awesome. Especially with something that is in very alpha stages. I’m still not sure when this was officially released, but judging by the rudimentary UI and constant crashing (no offense), it seems quite new, and I’m fine with that.

Being new to the community, I was wondering what you guys hope to see in the future for this mod?

I, for one, have quite a few ideas for mods and improvements to existing mods, which I’m sure are already being worked on anyway, but a few ideas would be:

Base building
I’m not sure what the engine limitations are, so I don’t know how possible prop manipulation is and what multiple props do in terms of server load and client de-sync and all that jazz. I know the Source engine is much more lax and probably easier to design on than the RAGE engine, which is specifically designed around 3rd person running and gunning.
But I was thinking of a system very similar to Garry’s Mod where you have some sort of prop gun that you can use to move and manipulate props that spawn from a menu. Examples of props would be random fences, gates, doors, faces of walls copied from random buildings with varying sizes (is that possible?), and basically anything that can be used to build a base.

Another idea would be to use the same base building system that games like Rust and ARK use, which I could see being pretty fun as well (Hell, Rust FiveM servers, anyone?)

I believe this could be an important part of the foundation for many mods, including, but not limited to, RP.

Total weapon & ballistics revamp
One of my big gripes with GTA V in general is the lack of variation in the weapons. Sure, there’s a variation of weapons and weapon types to choose from, but I bet that at the source code level, they’re all pretty much the exact same in each of their respective categories, except for maybe rate of fire. Want to know what the only gun worth buying in the whole game in my opinion is? (not including explosives)

The gun with the best ratio of RoF to clip size, which i’ll admit, I don’t know which one that is, but my personal fav is the Tommy Gun. And forget about pistols LOL.

Basically, i’d like to give pistols some fair power. I think the most simple solution would to be to buff the damage of bullets to real life levels, along with creating a more advanced hit reg system that does more or less damage depending on where the shot is while also taking account bullet caliber, ammo type, and distance of the round. Also, giving certain guns more realistic recoil.

I have more ideas on this, but as you can see, I’ve already written a **** ton, and I apologize for that.

Another quick thing is forced 1st Person/3rd Person perspectives on servers. It’s not doubt 3rd person gives much more of an advantage because of the increased FOV relative to your character, so maybe some serious RP servers should force 1st person just to see how it goes? Also, disable the in-game aim bot.

I’d like to hear some ideas that you guys have or rebuttals or whatever you want to say about the creation/improvement of mods. And i’ll sound off some more stuff when I see some ideas.


No. More. Roleplay.
that’s the only thing i want.


Still “working” on a racing server to release some day.
Greetings from the Bermuda Triangle.


I agree to an extent. While RP can be fun with all the right elements, this mod seems to be in way too early of a stage for RP to be enjoyable. And I won’t lie, I was disappointed once I realized that this mod is basically GTA:RP with an over saturation of RP servers that each respectively have varying levels of functionality. What one server has, the other doesn’t, and vice versa. Even then, the servers with the most ‘polished’ and varied functions are still just kind of mundane RP servers with rudimentary mod menus.

I’ve played a lot of RP. It’s cool, I guess, but it’s kind of grindy and for what? Virtual currency and items that are bound to a single server that isn’t guaranteed to be there the next day? And the grey area that is RDM has got to be the most annoyingly enforced rule in any RP community ever. Apparently, some servers enforce RDM against NPCs, which is absolutely ridiculous.

It’s incredibly difficult to find the perfect balance of good server community, good admins, and interactive missions as you’re either dealing with ban/kick happy admins, players that are complete **** heads, or servers that are buggy.

While I do enjoy hopping on the Zombie Survival RP servers for a change of pace, it’s clearly too early in development to really have any fun in. Also, I’ve never been a fan of the melee combat mechanics in GTA V, I feel like they dumbed it down for the worst, and it certainly isn’t designed for a zombie apocalypse scenario, so that further complicates things.

I wonder if it’s possible to sort of enhance or revamp the vanilla game mechanics of GTA? As in, creating a new melee system, changing the way 1st person looks (anyone who plays FPSs will agree GTA V 1st person is ass.), changing the way guns behave and stuff like that. I feel like enhancing some of those core mechanics that Rockstar devs didn’t feel like putting as much time into could set the stage for mods to be that much better.