What is this screen


I enjoy programming so decided to take a look at fivem. Complete first time trying out fivem servers, I’m trying to launch a little localhost server to practice, but I cant rid of this screen:


What is this?


Try restarting sessionmanager :stuck_out_tongue:


I did several times, i’m so confused now, lol


Are you simply asking about the background, or are you actually having an issue? If the background it’s from GTA 1 (I think), not sure why it started appearing lol


Without more information we can’t really help you out that well.

That game you’re looking at is GTA 2. It was free for a while and you could download it from Rockstar Games, but apparently it is no longer. Inside FiveM you can actually run around on the map using your arrow keys. I haven’t found a way to enter a vehicle, but I must say I haven’t really tried that hard either.

If you’re experiencing issues, clicking “localhost” will not start a server automatically, you’ll have to host FXServer yourself. You can get started by looking at this or this.


I got it all situated thank you. It seems i was messing up with the resources which caused it to take forever to load. Thanks all!


Glad to hear you got it sorted!


Screen happens on my server too, I think that it is a feature that the CFX devs implemented in one of the newest builds of their server.


This isn’t a result of the collective implementing anything in the newest builds. If you look at the repo and the commits nothing has changed regarding this.

The most common causes for this is sessionmanager not loading properly at first run when generating the cache, and then the other cause is typically resources that are poorly written. Try taking the resources out one-by-one until you get in.


I get it on a perfectly fresh install, even after restarting numerous times.