What is the job mod and money mod


The mod that makes you work in game, eat, drink and exchange money with other players


I would recommend ESX

ESX: [Release] EssentialMode base


What is that? Or used for


You can use ESX to install plugins that use ESX, to add the functionality you asked for.

There are several plugins available here:


So is that the money and work scrip? I just want it that is in dojrp server 4 you know it?


Their script is custom made by their devs but ESX Is closest you’re gonna get


DOJ uses ESX if you are going to use it follow there instructions very carefully.


the same thing as DOJ use what you want :slight_smile:


DOJ No longer uses ESX


Looks like ESX to me, they may have modified it but its still there framework from what they mentioned in there videos.