What is a good vps to host


What’s a really good vps for fivereborn so i can host a good server


Me and a few other guys used to run FiveM servers on Contabo which wasn’t half bad considering the prices for what you got.

The servers always performed well for me and we ran a web server, MTA server and Apache server alongside it with no issues.


or any vps will do, fivem servers are just relay’s its not cpu intensive

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i need one for the united states for a vps


You can try NFO ( https://www.nfoservers.com/ ). I haven’t actually tried their VPSes, but I use their other services and they are great.

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im post on their forums and asked if it can host on fivem


i need help finding a vps


So how many cores do you think would be needed to host a FiveM server?


We have a single core server and we run 2 servers on it and it is fine.


What about for one server and one teamspeak hosted on the same box?


Oh ya you should be fine. Also recommend NFO servers, as this is what we use for our community.


I just tried nfo servers with 1gb ram and the one core… once running the server with no one in it, it jumped from 1% usage on the cpu to 100%… after that it took about 2 minutes to close a file/folder window in the vps.


Vultr.com is not bad for vps. We recently switched to dedicated via gameservers.com (they’re more expensive tho).


i recommend these guys their pretty decent price. https://gamehosting.co/servers.php i run two servers off of the 2 CORE 3.7 GHZ, 4 GB RAM vps plus 7 days to die server. never an issue. then if your looking for a site to host open cad on i recommend hostblast.net i use them for the open cad and the live map for both servers, as well as the domain name for my my enjin account cost me about $40 a year for the websites, and $14.98 a month for two fivem servers and a 7 days to die server


Honestly, any VPS will do. I, however, tend to use the cheap ones at OVH. I can’t complain about the performance.


I know this is old, but I am new to VPS’s. If im choosing a game, and FiveM nor GTA 5 exists on it, what should i choose?


I would pick a generic VPS that uses Linux or Windows (generic VPS in other words.) If they don’t have one like that, then I’d look elsewhere.

I recommend any VPS with 100Mbps or higher upload speeds to make sure the connection issues are non-existent on the server end. Don’t confuse this with bandwidth (usually refers to the monthly data cap).


who do you use


I personally use gamehosting.co


https://multiplayer-hosting.com/ is the way to go