What does this message mean


I got this message in the server starter for my server I made and wondering what it meant.

Received a vouch for CRP | Matto MC | 1K-27, they have 2 vouches and need 2.
CRP | Matto MC | 1K-27 is the new arbitrator, with an overwhelming 2 vote/s.


This means your server is changing to another host. The clients tell your server (a vouch) who should be next host.

The new arbitrator is the person who won the “host election” by getting the required vouches/votes.


How do I update the FX server I’m out by 3 builds and do I have to update it? and to update to I just put the files in the server.zip into the base folder or what?


do the same as you did when setting it up, just copy over your resources.