What are "Steves", and why we should love them 🐌



Before asking “What does this have to do with FiveM?” Read everything lel

Steves… oh good ol Steves. The most essential and basic part of FiveM. We were all a “Steve” once in our life, now let me explain you what Steve is.

The default character model or basic character skin in a video game. A Steve is a player who so desperately wants to play the game that he skips all character creation stages to get in the game faster. Steves are either new players who don’t understand the game’s concept of character creating or griefers and trolls who want to get into a server faster to mess around with the player base. The troll Steves don’t usually last long, as they get removed from the servers pretty quickly, and the Steves who didn’t know character creation existed would at some point regret that they haven’t payed enough attention at the start and are now forced to play with a character that is as basic as their personality. The term Steve originates from the game Minecraft, where the default character skin would be a simple man by the name of Steve with simple clothing.

Picture of a typical Steve

And a meme of an annoying type of Steve whilst we are at it

I have created that term long ago to have a simpler way to refer to “newcomers” on servers. Other servers that I have been apart of quickly adopted that terminology, so I thought I would share it out here.

So what does this have to do with FiveM? Well… Steves are a :snail: and at the same time fun people to mess around with. I can’t help but picture a Steve every time I think of FiveM. But we should not hate on them as we were all a Steve once, and should try to help them become a normal player instead of getting angry with them, as they are also apart of our community.

Praise FiveM :snail:


“Mr. Cleans” (20 char) :mascot:


AKA Default Danny​​​​​​​


I was going to mention this. I’ve heard elsewhere that Steve registered under the name Default Danny after arriving with no possessions in his new city.

Now I know Default Danny’s real name! Thanks for this.


Lol (20 chars really)


This is definitely Default Danny. Or his cousin Chemo Kenny. Chemo Kenny wears the red shirt.


What is wrong with “Steves”, they make public servers amazing. You can’t shoot them because they dont have a trainer or are sending joshua and panorama dr in a adder.