WestPort County RP | CAD | Custom Fire/LEO fleet



Westport RP is a professional and serious roleplay server. On the server you can apply for WPD, WSP and/or WSCO, and join us as an police officer. The community on the server is mature, professional and very kind. we often roleplay in Blaine County and also in the city. Westport is also one of the longest standing servers still up and running even though we’ve been trough a lot. Feel free to join us at any time, we will happily welcome you! :smiley:

LEO/Rescue/Civ departments
WCSO - Westport County Sheriff’s Office
WPD - Westport Police Department
WHP - Westport Highway Patrol
WF&R - Westport Fire & Rescue
WDC - Westport Dispatch center
COT - Civilian Operations Team

SRU - Strategic Response Unit
ASU - Air Support Unit
SIU - Special Investigations Unit
GW - Game Warden
MEX - Medical Examiner
Gang Unit
Traffic enforcement
Motorcycle Unit
And a lot more in all the different departments! :stuck_out_tongue:

FiveM Server IP:
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/fmvjssQ

We are looking for mature people with a lot experience when it comes to RP but also server maintenance. We are currently 2 owners and 1 developer that are working on the server :smiley:



Ive only been on it for a week, but everything seems fine and alot of the staff have been very kind. For example Riot helped me out alot with an issue, but if you just have a question you will get great and helpful answers by the staff team/community. On this server ive had alot of fun just doing legal Civ RP, so just driving down from my home to the Yellow Jack to get a beer and then sit in the yellow jack and talk with the bartender for 20 minutes. But also illegal RP is amazingly handeled, like drunk driving, the officers handle the situations so good that you think they might aswell be officers in real life. As said above, the server has a great community and the Roleplay ingame is outstandingly good. Keep it up Westport!


The best server I have ever played on, deffentily worth the 7 months being here and becoming a moderator. Next is admin! The great guys that got me through WCRP was defentily Billy and Riot aswell as Bradley and Jens. BIlly was the one that put me in the staff team and I really did not know what to say but I was happy. I wish everyone will be able to help WCRP at one point. I wish everyone one good luck and RP. The good cops have been Winston, Gunpug, Soapy and Kelsis. If I did not put your name if here does not mean I don’t think your good it means that you play at diffrent times and areas when we patrol. WPD 4 the win!


Cheers Readers,

So I have been joined the server today for the first time & my impression was already amazing. First I was getting welcomed by some Moderators (FiveM & Discord). then they we’re very helpfull with problems I had got with other players and it has a lot of special things what other servers can learn of. So its maybe an first impression but it is already amazing. I do have played already some 4 hours with different people and I will recommend this server 100%! Well that was kinda my story + bump :stuck_out_tongue:

Kind Regards, Timo Nismo


Cheers Readers,

I joined this server back in April and I have to say that I was warmly welcomed by the Directors themselves. They were very helpful to me by helping me solve one problem FiveM had. After so many months of sticking to the first and only community I haven’t regretted not even a moment! I have positive memories with the people that I RPed back then “good old times” as I say. Even now I have fun, enjoyment and feel very hospitable. My impressions and experiences were priceless I never had this quality of RP never in LSPDFR, mostly due to the AI, but I digress.

Do I recommend the server I hear you ask? 100% with no doubts about it, It has something for everyone’s needs. I do really hope that the server stays that way for a long time!

Kind Regards, Taxiarchis-Apostolos Fokianos


Thank you for Reading.

I’ve been playing on this server for just over two months now and its the best RP community I’ve ever been in and not planning to leave it, The staff team are very helpful and welcomed to and helped me to sort out, a big thanks go to Billy for helping me install MapZoomData, yes i struggled installing that xD. I made great friends and supportive friends and you will do the same thing, respect is the main key in this community, if you have that you’ll get far! I recommend this server so much its unreal, I hope I see you in the server and discord soon

Regard Callum


Greetings Summoner

This server is kinda chill, if they ask I was the best Sheriff/Chief, if they tell you otherwise I will have to use my ban hammer.

Anyways the owners are chill, people are respectful, staff is good(sometimes), and the departments are nice, I recommend this server, and no I cannot install your sirens, I am not sorry.


Okay. i am Peter from WPCRP. I have been on this community since january this year. And i would never leave or change community. Honestly, this is the best roleplay server i have ever been on. I have been in other roleplay servers (Not in FiveM) but yeah. Owners are great and the chillest people ever! Also all other members! People respect each other that is very important and good. I do not remember the date i got staff. But when i became Jr.Moderator i couldnt wish for more. I was so happy that i could work for Westport and make it the greatest. And now today 9.9.2018 i got SR.Admin and i am so happy and mindblown because i was never believeing that i will be a Senior admin someday. I am so Thankful to Riot and Billy J To make such a great community. No lie when i tell yall this that i feel like Westport is my second fam. Because people allways help you was it then IRL stuff or ingame stuff it dosen’t matter. Me and everyone else is gonna continue to make Westport the greatest by having a lookout that people follow the rules and make serious RP! :). This is a community you just can’t get enough of or get tired of. And i am so glad to my friend who told me about FiveM in first place. Because without him i would probably never found westport :slight_smile:


Good day Reader!

There’s is nothing bad to be said about this server.
Staff members are fast, helpful and very respectful towards everyone.

Players are awesome! Here and there you will encounter a troll or someone who wants to ruin the experience but the staff team handles it pretty quickly.

Owners are nice and communicative, they take suggestions from their community and adapt so the player experience is good as it can be.

Overall I have been in the community for a year now and it has been an beautiful experience!
I would recommend anyone searching for a new server to RP on to come on WPCRP and enjoy the fun, as long as you follow the rules!

Thanks for reading this and have an awesome day!



Hello Everyone, This is definitely the best RP server I have ever been in the directors are kind the staff team are nice and helpful , Players here are very nice with you and have a great RPing experience, this is my first RP server and hopefully I will never leave it after my 5 months here !


Hello, I am Happy Wagon and this is the best FiveM server I have ever played and the staff and community are so respectful and welcoming I wouldnt swap it for anything and the custom cars are the best quality I have ever seen in my life