Western Horizon Role Play Community -- Fun, Active, Loving members -- Join today!



Were you looking for a community that has loving, caring members and staff? That were active? Well, Western Horizon Role play Community is going to be the community that you are wanting.

We have patrols everyday and caring loving members all day, everyday! Ran by amazing people and always open for applications, we are accepting RIGHT NOW

So why don…
WAIT! What are we waiting for? Lets head over to the application linked below and apply! No more talking, lets apply so we can help build the family. No one bites, and every loving member wants to hangout and talk with you! So, head over now to be apart of this loving family, and represent us :fist: :heart_decoration:

We don’t only have amazing members and staff, we also have things such as, but not limited to professionalism, respect, supportive members.

Important Links:

Discord: https://discord.gg/5WJXN9j
Website: Coming Soon…
Rules and Regulations: Coming Soon…
Application: https://goo.gl/forms/iayHhrifiJxAbqaB2

Important Information:
Head Administration:
Raspy 1A-01 - Director
Dayln D. 1A-02 - Deputy Director
Dan R. 1A-03 - Assistant Deputy Director



This needs to be moved to #server-development:server-bazaar


Still accepting every department!