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Welcome to West Coast Responders! We are a public community focusing around the roleplay experience of our members. Our goal is to provide the best roleplay experience we can for our players.

Server Information:
Discord - Click Me!
Twitter - Click Me!
Teamspeak - Ts3.westcoastresponders.com
Server IP -

Blaine County Sheriffs Office
San Andreas Highway Patrol
Los Santos Police Department
San Andreas Communications
San Andreas Fire & Rescue
San Andreas Civilian Department

"Why should i join WRC instead of another server?"
West coast Responders is a suggestion based community, We love hearing what our community has to say aswell as what we can improve on. We do frequent community meetings that involve civilian and staff promotions aswell as a weekly community announcement stating some stuff that has changed. We offer custom server maps that no other server has, We use a custom cad created by our SAHP Lieutenant and many other things. If you dont choose to stay with us forever we would love for you to come and take a look!

Department SubDivisions
Aviation Unit
Motor Unit

Department Reserves
Dispatch Reserve
BCSO Reserve
SAHP Reserve
SAFR Reserve

Merge Talks
If you’re a community with a active player base and are wanting to discuss a merge then please contact Fraser G. or Jake L. in our discord. Just note, WCR is not interested in joining a community but we are willing to allow another community to merge with us.

Photos Just a few of our many cars!


New Post.


Great server! Happy to be a part of this great community! :heart_eyes:


Patrol Today! Join our discord for the time.


What a great server!


This is one of the best servers I have ever seen!! Recommended for every person to join!


Although I would love to see some of those Highway Vehicles on these forums!!! those things are sexxxxyyyyyyyyy.


Looking for more Civilians :smiley:


Been here for 3 months and this place is Peaceful and is a fun place to come and RP with respectful and awesome people everyday…
The staff members are super respectful aswell


Very good server!


what time are patrols?


6pm Everyday, But we start sometimes before 6pm


Looking for people for civilian Operations, If you would like to try our community then come check out a patrol, 6pm EST Everyday!
Civilian SOP
Civilian Roster


Best RP server I’ve been in. Great roleplay and great people overall.


We are still looking for Civilians and LEO.
Our server is always being updated to make our players have a better experience.
We currently have Xmas decorations everywhere. Snow has also started to fall down in the server.

Thanks for checking out the post and I hope to see you soon!

– Lars Walker, BCSO Sheriff

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/Sq2dpuY
Teamspeak: ts3.westcoastresponders.com


:christmas_tree: Merry Christmas from the WCR administration team! :christmas_tree:

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/Sq2dpuY
Teamspeak: ts3.westcoastresponders.com