West Coast Responders | Recruiting SAHP, BCSO, Fire & Rescue, Civ, and Staff || Custom CAD/MDT & Civ Cars | Server-Side EUP |



FiveM Server Direct Connect:
TeamSpeak IP: ts3.westcoastresponders.com (not a valid web-link)
Website: https://www.westcoastresponders.com/
Main Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/VgHXxAd

West Coast Responders was originally founded about 2 years ago, in the summer of 2017. However, after a while we decided it was best to close by the time being due personal reasons. But West Coast Responders reopened their doors back in early September of 2018.

About Our Server
Our server is a lag free server run off of a Virtual Private Server (VPS). We believe running our community off of a VPS is more effective and lag free. So far, we have encountered zero lag issues. Report any lag issues to Developers!

Please note we are only interested in merging if it is your server into ours.

Server-Sided Mods

  • Cop Clock-In System

    • Once added by an Administrator, you will be given full permission to the cop menu. This is where you can cuff members, drag them, place props, etc.
  • Civilian Custom Vehicles

    • Note that these are removed periodically to ensure they are not a leading cause of desync or lag.
  • Custom Loading Screen

    • Periodically changed to appeal the eyes.
  • No Player Blips System

    • Player blips will not appear on anybody’s screens, even Administrators.
  • Fuel Script

    • This script is simple and better than most gas scripts out there. You park at a pump, you get out of the vehicle, and press G to fuel your vehicle back up to 100%!
  • Jailing Script

    • Cops have the permission to jail criminals based on their offenses committed.
  • Longer Stun

    • To create realism, we have added a realistic taser mod. This makes sure that the player does not just get right back up and keep running. By them being on the ground longer, like real life, police officers will have the ability to cuff them.
  • Custom Emergency Services Cars & Peds

    • SAHP, BCSO, & SAF/R EUP (/uniform)
  • & More!

    • Join our FiveM server to find out what other mods we have offered!

Departments Offered
We are currently recruiting for five (5) departments at WCR. Them being: the San Andreas Highway Patrol (SAHP), Blaine County Sheriff’s Department (BCSO), the San Andreas Fire/Rescue Team (SAF/R), and the Civilian Department (CIV)

Subdivisons Offered
These subdivisons are recruiting!

  • Highway Patrol Investigations Unit (H.P.I.U)
  • Aviation
  • S.W.A.T
  • T.S.U


  • Detective Unit
  • S.W.A.T
  • Aviation
  • T.E.U

Realistic Roleplay
We are all about realistic roleplay, so strict, serious roleplay is enforced 24/7.
The only real time the server should be paused is in the event of a possible troller on the server. All members are expected to pause roleplay unless we figure out who is causing these issues!

Server Mangement Team
Our Server Management Team is a group of experienced individuals. They have had a plethora of experience, even years. If you need any help or have a report regarding a staff member, see us!

Server Staff Team/Regulation Enforcers
The Staff Team is a regulation enforcement team that will work to make sure the FiveM server is running smoothly with serious roleplay and will make sure that nobody is messing around, as well as keeping the Police Force/s in line. These members go through a rigorous training course and interview to ensure they are a good fit for the team.

We hope to see you here!
West Coast Responders Management Team


We are always recruiting and looking for members!


Really fun server, great people overall. :grin:


10/10 RP server.

Most Realistic RP Server?

Amazing community and even more amazing people <3


Thank you! Great to see you around the server!


Love this server



Looks good


We are always recruiting and looking for members!


Hoping to see some new faces at patrol tonight!