West Coast Responder's | Custom MDT | Custom Cars | Server Side EUP



Hello there. We here at West Coast Responders Would like to invite you to our community!
Here at West Coast Responders, we are looking for active and serious members for our community.
We are looking for people to become LEO’s, but we are also looking for Civs and Fire and Rescue. If you think you can help us become better please join our Discord Click Here!

Offered Departments:
BCSO Click Here!

SAHP Click Here!

LSPD Click Here!

Civilian Click Here!

Fire & Recuse Click Here!

Offered Sub-Division:
*Traffic Enforcement
*Task Force
*Port Authority
*Park Ranger
*Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
*Motor Unit

If you think you would be a good leader for a department please join our Discord.

What Can we offer?

*Serious RP
*A mature community
*Dedicated members
*A drama free community
*Quality services.
*Server Side EUP
*Custom fleet of vehicles for Law Enforcement including specialized vehicles
*Custom fleet of vehicles for Fire Department
*A professional admin team
*Quick response from all department heads.
*Large community of 60+ family like members
*Dedicated website
*Custom CAD/MDT system
*Custom 911 & panic button system

If you have any questions feel free to contact me or any other WCR staff member!
We can’t wait to see you at West Coast Responder’s

FiveM Server Direct Connect:
TeamSpeak IP:
WCR Discord: Click Here!
WCR Website: Click Here!

Thank you for taking your time and reading this,

– Yours truly Jackson C. & the WCR administration team.


:wink: Patrol is live now.


Friendly community, with enjoyable patrols.:slightly_smiling_face:


Still looking for members to join join and help fill spots in sub divisions and our departments BCSO, CHP, Civ, Communications


Great Server and Amazing patrols


Our official patrol begins at 6:00pm EST!


Great server, good RP!

I recommend this server for anyone looking for a fun but good RP server.
Can’t wait for the next patrol. I have been playing FiveM for about 2 years, this is one of the best servers I joined!


We are running a patrol now hop on and join us!


We are running a patrol today at 3pm EST


LSPD is now OPEN! We are now actively looking for members.

Apply here: CLICK


Please join our new Teamspeak IP:


Please come join us at our new FiveM server IP: