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If you are looking for a good community to grow with, new to RP want to learn from a growing community that most have been RPing for many years. Then join us! We have all departments open
-San Andreas State Police
-Blaine County Sheriff
-Los Santos Police Department
-San Andreas Fire
We are recruiting in all positions! We have many custom civilian cars, with more being added all the time! We do have ELS as well. Along with many subdivisions opening for all departments!
Looking forward to hearing from you!

-WCJRP Head Administration-



Go apply on our website https://www.wcjrp.com!


apply on our website https://www.wcjrp.com


apply on our website https://www.wcjrp.com


Apply at: www.wcjrp.com Hope to see you there!


New AI pull over for FiveM



Apply at www.wcjrp.com



You guys need to take pics with rockstar editor makes the pics look better.