WeRP - Realistic Roleplay Community [Indefinite Hiatus]



We are currently in an indefinite hiatus and are NOT accepting applications.

Who are We?

WeRP is a roleplay-oriented community geared towards mostly realistic roleplay. While we’re essentially building the community from the ground up, we do have plans to home a custom fleet of vehicles (already in progress) as well as a whole suite of custom developed scripts (a few of which have already entered the testing phase and will be on the server sometime soon), and extensions to enhance your roleplay experience which will slowly roll out over the course of the server! Our current immediate plans are scripts to make roleplay more simplified, such as /me, /cuff, /911, etc. Our long-term plans include a full economy - ability to buy and sell houses/apartments and businesses, get/lose jobs, and of course receive paychecks to spend on items such as new vehicles, vehicle repairs, and of course the best weapon arsenal money can buy! We also have plans to launch a website for easier access to the server, as well as rules, staff listing, position applications, etc. In the meantime, any relevant information will be posted in both this topic as well as our Discord.


The requirements right now are pretty loose as we look to build a core audience and userbase. The general rule of thumb for the moment is just use common sense. Don’t act how you wouldn’t normally act in a public setting, and be respectful towards the staff members and other players at all times.


Much like our requirements, all position applications will currently be open indefinitely as we look to build our userbase. Expect this to change if more interest is available than we can handle or if all positions are adequately filled. Do we sound like a server you can grow with? If so, feel free to join our Discord! Applications can be submitted through our website (linked below).

Available Positions

Just about every position is currently available. We’re looking to fill base roles before branching out into sub-departments such as SWAT, Sheriff, etc


  • Civilian
  • Fire Department
  • Police

Contact Us


The following is a list of what’s changed with each version of the server

v0.0.1 (Alpha 1) - September 21st, 2017

  • Initial public Server launch!

Director, WeRP

[Advice] Starting A Police Roleplay Server
Looking for a starting community to join

When you mean custom scripts do you mean the fiveM scripts?


Yep, that’s exactly what I mean.


We’re currently looking to try and get a few more people in if possible!


The server is now listed in the FiveM Server list, simply search for “WeRP” to join! Just as a quick note, the server will be restarted at ~11PM EST to update the first round of scripts!


I ended up falling asleep last night, server will be updated tonight ~11PM EST. Also, thanks to the newest Discord update adding channel categories, our Discord has now been completely reorganized and revamped! Feel free to join here.

I’ve also began work on setting up a TeamSpeak, this way those who prefer that over Discord can also take part in the discussion and the server!


We’re still looking for people to fill some more Civilian and Police Officer roles if anyone’s interested! :slight_smile:


May you contact me,

Discord: NeriodKid#9913


Due to lack of interest from others as well as lack of personal time, I have decided to place the server on an indefinite hiatus. If I have the time to properly dedicate to the server like I used to, I do plan on actively recruiting again. Until then, I recommend finding another server.

~ AciD