[WEB] Fully web panel for FiveM server


Hello, i’m sorry for my bad English i’m a baguette man !

I am working on a web panel for the Five M servers and I would like to have your ideas to increase the number of posibilities of this panel!

Currently there is:

  • Login / Register
  • Rank system (player / moderator / admin / rcon & more)
  • Server information (player online & more)
  • whitelist system (the player posts his request the admin treats it and the wthitelist automatically or not)
  • System of ban (the player that sees ban of the game since the panel admin)
  • Money control (admin only)
  • Consol Rcon (admin only)

If you have any ideas to add to make this panle the most complete! it will beonly onpen source once completed


Sound good! Maybe a server stop start and restart system?


Wow this is odd. Came out 10h ago. Either way, the ONLY thing I am wanting, is start/stop/restart features. I mean, it would be awesome for all this other stuff, but start/stop/restart is what I and many others, want.


Bitch Todo that :smiley: I tried it last month…


Easier if you wanna only support linux :joy:


I also tried doing this with NodeJS and could get a .bat (to start the server, not run.cmd) but it would then fail saying run.cmd is not a recognized command :frowning: Still trying though


Okey ! tanks for this idea ! i go try to add this on the panel :slight_smile:


is this still a thing that you are working on?


yes ! :wink: why ? :slight_smile: seemslegit


because he’s interested?


@Yoan Is this still in development? If so will it be released?


He has not been on the forums in a long time. So most likely not.


Thats freaking fantastic :joy: