We are looking for new members!



We are looking for new members, we have open positions such as.
Blaine County Sheriffs Dept.
San Andreas Highway Patrol
Los Santos Police Dept.
Los Santos County Sheriff
Fish and Wildlife
We Are a small community (must be willing to join small community) looking to grow if interested email me or join discord. apply in discord
Email. zelk787@gmail.com
Discord https://discord.gg/CQa4U4h
Server IP
Come check us out


ASRP is also looking for a small community to merge with.


We are still looking for new member and a small community to merge with. Will discuss details if you follow the discord link above.


merge would be into our servers


Looking for ACTIVE DISPATCH, LEO, CIV And More!!


come join us
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Looking for members


Still looking
We just merged!! with great server.
come check us out