Want to transfer files to new friends PC


I was just wondering what I need to transfer from my PC to his PC for it to work, he has very slow internet speed that’s why



if you know that person irl you can use a usb stick


If his internet is slow why do you think he will be able to play fiveM, he will also need to install some files for it even to work, sadly he probally needs to download it and install it from the internet


Depends on what you’re trying to do. Do you want to give him GTA V itself? Then copy GTA V (either login to your account have your friend buy the game himself).

If you’re trying to give him your FiveM files you just need to copy your FiveM.exe and FiveM Application Data folder.

Though there’s really no point in doing either of those as they can be easily bought/downloaded online. If your internet is not good enough to download the files, then I’m pretty sure there’s no point in getting them another way because you probably won’t be able to join any server without timing out…


Ok, thanks everyone!


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