Want to be a higher-up in a whitelist like LSPD, EMS, or Gangs? Impera Roleplay


Impera Roleplay is a new FiveM server with an experienced staff team.
We need you!

What are you guys looking for?
We seek leadership roles in a few of our whitelists that have not been taken so far. These include EMS, LSPD, Mechanic, Fire Department, and Gangs! Interested in leading any of these? See below.

What is a lead role?
Lead roles are higher-ups in a whitelist who will be specifically designated to run the whitelist. Think of them as managers who will be with us from launch-day to recruit other players into their whitelists and make the faction the best it can possibly be.

Would I be a good fit?
We are looking for lead roles only. This means that we need players who are experienced and know the way around the whitelist that they will be in-charge of. If you have any questions about if you would be the right fit, send me a message through discord and we can have a chat.

Great! When can I apply?
Launch day is June 26th as we are taking plenty of time to assure all positions within the higher-ups of the server are filled prior to launch so that we have our best foot forward. The deadline for lead applications is June 12th, so you may apply anytime before then. We eagerly await your request!

Interested? Have Questions? Message Devil#7706 on discord for more details.


Im interested, my discord name is Jordan H.#3177


Same as well mines John Halsey #5135

unlisted #4