Wall Building Server


Hello everyone, I am the new owner of a server that is mainly built around building walls. We have custom cars that look like walls, they have walls, and they operate only when you are building walls. We always encourage newcomers to build walls with us on our server and we always have fun doing it.
Discord - https://bit.ly/2uKwx63
Website - https://bit.ly/1h0ceQI

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Whow, You just realized that today is april fools.





LMAO, i just trolled the players of my server with a fake release of content xD

Nice one, i liked it. But if you really were creating a sv like that you should name it " Trump RoleplaY"


HAHAHA its a good 1 @Harrison_M. what pack are you doing next?


Paleto should be out within a day or 2.


That is just the vehicles though. I am going to be having multiple different ped packs coming out soon.


Cool im looking for a ped pack!