vSync (v1.4.0) | Simple weather and time sync


It’s on the GitHub page.


Does it use your Steam ID64 or what does it use to whitelist people for the admin spot to change the weather


Instructions are on the wiki. And yes steam64 hex or license or ip


Thank You for the assistance.


If your getting the white flashing. You have another weather or time script of some sort enabled. Something weather or time script enabled. I spent HOURS trying to figure it out. And it came down to some stupid script doing it. You have another script conflicting with it. Process of elimination. Script works beautifully and wonderfully. I have no issues been using this since the release! A+


Would it possible to have a snow on the ground toggle? I would like to be able to do blizzard conditions, with snow on the ground.

If I do /weather blizzard, there’s no snow on the ground.
If I do /weather xmas, snow is on the ground, but the precipitation is light.



Nope not possible. Unless you can somehow set two weather types active at once.


when i change the time the screen flashes white non stop


^ you have a conflicting resource that is also trying to control the weather. This happened to me when I also had ACL running. Remove ACL or whatever weather resource you have running.


could that be it


no, but vMenu could if you have that installed, or any other resource that also handles time/weather.


it was FiveM_TimeAndDateSync-master
doing it


How do I get vMenu to not use the Weather and Time?




what id is it you need to set an admin for the cmd it keeps saying i dont have perms yet i have my id set as admin


If I am correct, the speed of ingame time is x4. I have been trying to set it only x2, but the result was that it was slower, but minutes were going back and forth (and time went by still, but it was weird, especially cos of shadows - they position on the map wasn’t continuous)

Any advice?


vSync does not support custom time durations. Only vMenu does as of vMenu v1.4.0

Also I’m not sure what you mean by x4
It’s just the default gta time speed… 1 ingame minute is 2 seconds in real life.


I added my steam hex ID to server.lua but still I don’t have access.
I tested commands on Rcon, it’s working.


You probably added the wrong steam id. Can you show me what you added?


76561198154988501 here it is.

admins = {
thats what in script.

now I will use whatsmyip script to see things about my steam id and license.

edit1: 11000010b9b3bd5 thats what the script is show me, I will try this. I think it’s gonna work.

edit2: It’s work. But thanks for fast response Vespura :heart: