vSync (v1.4.0) | Simple weather and time sync


I’m not sure what the issue is, for some people it works without any issues, for others it doesn’t seem to work. Are you using a custom chat resource, or the default FiveM chat resource?


I am using the following for my chat script. All it does is add /me /do /911, etc and does a /loadout. I will remove it from starting up and try vSync without it.

Update: Removed the above script from starting up, restarted server and it still did not work. This is what I get https://i.gyazo.com/ba53df4ca6fb2ce7ff77ced8cf3e4bd6.png


yo it has nothing to do with my script it runs with no problems with vSync…


That’s what I said in the post above, that it’s not your script due to the fact I’m still having problems even when I disabled it.


where do i get the license



whats does that do to the server?


Is there anyway you could make a command like /ft to freeze time? if we wanted to be frozen.


Might add that in the future yes.

Are you talking about the “WhatsMyId”? Read he post i linked… it explains it all.


It says that i dont have access to that command anyone know how to fix this


Error: You do not have access to this command

I put the steamID64 Hex values into the vs_server.lua

Any way to solve this? Here is my vs_server.lua


I’ll take a look at this again, it’s very strange though because it works for me every time without a problem, but for some people it doesn’t work :thinking:


@Dre1980 @APRP12 @Majestick @Virus_City please try this development release to see if this fixes your problems regarding the no access errors and let me know if this resolves it: dev release.

Note that this is a dev build and it’s not recommended for anyone to use it unless you’re experiencing issues with the previous releases.


Will do when I get home in aprox. 4 hours.


Thanks! That dev build solved my issues! Much appreciated :slight_smile:


sweet, will add it to the public releases once some more of you who had trouble confirm this works.


Can confirm it now works. Thank you very much! +10/10


@Vespura Is there any way to set a current weather type as standard? (for example Rain)


How do you install this mod? I am new to FiveM and would like to learn how to add it to my server.


Update v1.2.0, changelog:

+ Added /freezetime command to toggle frozen time.
+ Fixed "access denied" bug.
~ Made all chat messages somewhat use the same format/style.
+ Added chat suggestions!

Download link in OP.

Edit: v1.2.1 has been released to fix a small bug and improve the command suggestions