vSync (v1.4.0) | Simple weather and time sync


no, set vMenuDisableTimeAndWeatherSync "true" above start vMenu in your server.cfg.


oo :persevere: oops lol thanks :slight_smile:


How Can I Add Admins?


Please take a look at the wiki, everything is explained there: https://github.com/TomGrobbe/vSync/wiki/vSync-Configuration


where do i find the player id?


To get all player identifiers of a player you can do one of the following things.

  1. Join the server, then in a browser go to http://<serverIP>:<serverPort>/players.json and look for your player name + player identifiers there.
  2. Use something like WhatsMyId? | Player Identifier Finder on your server and join the server, then all player identifiers will be logged to the server console.
  3. Join the “WhatsMyId” fivem server (ip: and all your identifiers will be displayed on screen when you try to join.
  4. If you’re just looking for the steam ID only, go to www.vacbanned.com and enter your steam name. Your steam hex id should be there on the page somewhere after entering your name.


installed this and set it up correctly but still wont load the resource,idk y???


if you’re sure you’ve set it up correctly, then i don’t know what you did wrong, but there must be something you’re missing because it works fine for me.


i fixed it just brought all the files from the second file to the first and it works


and thanks first time i get a fast response.


So if customchat resource doesnt really work with this what will?


what about adding tornado and hail to it? and make it where it sends out a severe weather alerts when hitting /tornado and the says a tornado has been spotted in in one of the location Sandy, Harmony,paltobay, and the city of los santos


Any non-broken chat resource will work.

If you figure out how to add tornados then be my guest, but I really don’t have time to do research on this as all client tornado mods are closed source and can’t decompile them


No Commands work i can enter them with no errors But nothing changes


Screen flicker with no graphics mods installed… Any help?


You probably have a custom chat resource that does not support proper commands. Use the default chat resource or execute the commands in the client console.

Do you have a poor connection? Or freeze-time enabled? If the latter, unfreeze time for a couple of seconds then re-freeze it.


It rains a lot on my server, any way to limit that?


Lights flickering? anyway to fix that?


I Had to clear my server cache


you’ll have to edit the code.

Are you using a graphics mod? Then that’s the issue.

if not: