vSync (v1.4.0) | Simple weather and time sync

Ok sweet. I was gonna tell you yesterday but never got around to it.

Maybe add a dynamic blackout system. Possibly blackouts that may occur once a week for a few minutes or something could be cool.

Might add this as a rare occurrence during thunder storms.

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Yeah that’ll be amazing.

How do I find my GUID?

GUID? I have no clue.
If you’re talking about a license, steam or ip (player) identifier, take a look at this: WhatsMyId? | Player Identifier Finder

Whenever I change the time, it works but every 10 sec it is returning to the old time for 0,5 seconds and then back to what I had set, and does it over and over again.
Any solutions?

On the latest version the weather does not change properly? It says in chat ‘Weather changed to : Rain.’ but no rain. Its like this for all of them (I’m using a vanilla copy)

Weather does change properly for me.

Ill play around with it. Its actually a client side issue :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Ive not had this issue, any repro for this? Try a fresh server to make sure it’s not another resource conflicting.

I didn’t change anything regarding the setting of weather… just added a transition but after that 15s transition it should Still set the weather the same as the previous version.

Yeah script was fine. I reverted it to find it was a client side issue.

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Well for starters you don’t even have vSync installed xD

True btw, because i deleted it lol. Just imagine that I did have it XD

Is there any way to slow the rate that time passes without freezing it?

Nope. I probably won’t implement this either. As it’ll cause even more visual glitches on certain clients.

Okay, so I know I have to change the admins in the vs_server.lua but where do I find my steam thing and licenselua - Notepad

(That’s the default text at the top of the file)

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Refer to this Here

Whenever I load into the server the screen flickers and when I uninstall this script it seems to stop.
I’m not sure whats doing this but i think it has something to do with the time being frozen even though I haven’t set /freezetime and when I want to change the time it says it works but the time never changes and the sky keeps flickering.