vRP Slotmachines



Well, the title says everything.

You go to the slotmachines at the Pier and play, you either get lucky and win or lose, it’s that simple.

Link to github here; https://github.com/D3uxx/vrp_slotmachine

[Release] vrp_slotmachine_en

Doesn’t work.

Says you don’t have cash each time you try.


It is for vRP and it does work, I’ve tested it on my own server.


You might have to change the code to detect whatever money system you use. Like essentials or your gamemode.


For those using VRPEX here is slots I just ported to work on that branch of vrp. Enjoy :wink:



Can someone fix this for ESX?


I think this script was originally made for es tbh…



Ohh, that one…
I thought this was a real slotmachine ingame that you could find and gamble.
Do you know If there’s any script for that?


not one with a gui no… i think the only difference is u can start betting anywhere on the es one with a chat command… on the vrp one u have to do it at a “slot machine”