Vrp Garage



hi I’m new in the world of FiveM server these days I bought FiveM server from zaphosting I installed the mod of Dunko but now I want to add personal cars in the shop (garage.lua). How do I put the vehicles? I tried to do this [“I8”] = {“BmwI8”, 95000, “”} but when I go to see it in game, do not show it in the shop. What should I do? [Sorry for my english I hope you understand].


Welcome to the FiveM world!
Typically the best place to get assistance is by responding to the release thread itself instead of making a new thread. This allows the forums to stay organized and for users to get the assistance they need. Please ask this question on the release thread for the garage resource. If one doesn’t exist, most releases are on GitHub. Create a GitHub account and create an issue.


Tnks For replay ! I go immediately has a profile on github :smiley: