[vRP Framework]-[Dunko Edited V6.2 - FX Server] UPDATED 10/11/2017 - Supports 12 languages



Yes I’ve done everything as directed, including the pre-requisites


Do i must use Essental addon for your mode?


Essentials is only needed for “drag” command.


could you tell me how to revert it back to the normal vrp system? Where you loose your items when you die?


Essentials must have SQL connection?


You are welcome to visit:

And for additional information regarding the essentialmode:

https://docs.essentialmode.com/ - the installation guide stating what is needed.

Please try to use the provided links before posting. Thank you! :heart:


To lose inventory/items on death:

In vrp/modules/player_state.lua

Press enter at the end of line 57 and paste vRP.clearInventory(user_id)

If you also want stats & phone to reset:

In vrp/cfg/player_state.lua change

Line 22: cfg.clear_phone_directory_on_death = false
Line 23: cfg.lose_aptitudes_on_death = false


Line 22: cfg.clear_phone_directory_on_death = true
Line 23: cfg.lose_aptitudes_on_death = true


Thanks! Really appreciate it man!


Is it first time setup? Or were you using another version of vRP before using mine?


I figured it out, it ended up being the order of which I had the convars listed in my server.cfg

set es_enableCustomData 1
had to be listed before the start resources and

set mysql_connection_string "server=;database=essentialmode;userid=root;password="
had to be listed after the start resources

also I added start vrp_mysql at the bottom of all my start resources- Unsure if that made a difference or not


Please tell me how it works Drag with VRP? I can’t do it!


@Tatarin type /drag and the players ID

You need Essential Mode base for it to work for now


Without starting vrp_mysql it won’t work at all mate, glad you fixed it


Version 3 will be arriving in 48 hours, I’ll be releasing it on my Discord in 24 hours, get ahead of the game by joining https://discord.gg/CyJEVaT


V3 has now been released on my Discord, it will be updated on here in 24 hours.

My Discord: https://discord.gg/CyJEVaT


V3 released on the forums, see original post.


In order to fix lockscript, rename the server.lua to client.lua and add client_script ‘client.lua’ to the resource.lua


love it.
keep up the good work
grt Woods


Good afternoon. Mod to close the car on the button does not work! Can you fix it and throw it away?


I can suggest you to rename the resource.lua to __resource.lua . (__ x2)
Let me know if that helped!