[vRP Framework]-[Dunko Edited V6.2 - FX Server] UPDATED 10/11/2017 - Supports 12 languages



The most I’ve had is around the 2000 mark. I have heard of this problem before, just I’ve never personally experienced it on the server I used to develop, except once which a relog fixed it as it was database lag from him logging in.

I’ve had Psyco’s version since the day of release and have edited it daily since then till recently, again, it’s more than likely something I’ve edited that’s fixed the issue or there is something you and others are doing that’s causing the problem itself, if you end up using my version and have the issue then we can discuss and I can figure out what you’re doing differently, though that would probably require a database wipe as there is probably some corruption in there now if it’s happened a few times.


Updated the main thread with the jobs that come with the pack.


Updated main thread with V2


Hello dunko i cant get drag to work for some reason


What seems to be the issue mate?


Uploaded the wrong folder in that rar, the correct drag folder is this: https://files.fm/u/3z44dddb

Also requires [Release] EssentialMode base


Hey @Dunko Could you run a check to see if there are any active police officers BEFORE being able to rob bank?


Also players dont loose inventory when they die? let me know! Love your work


Any eta on when all the cars will be in one folder?


Hi Cruel, yeah they don’t lose their inventory when they die & I’ll look into the bank script


Yeah it’s being done for the next version


Any way to change the inventory so its normally dropped when your respawn


You mean dropped on the floor or just deleted from the players inventory?


when i type /noclip i have an error in my chat


I’m getting identification error every time I try to connect… fix?


@xDuSkAsSaSsInx Is your MySQL and MySQL A-Sync working?


Everything was working until I put this in, now this is what it’s throwing https://puu.sh/xBdZK/77acbaa1f3.png


Why would you be typing /noclip? That’s not in the menu?


Did you type in your MySQL login details in the base.lua as directed?


Yes I’ve done everything as directed, including the pre-requisites