vRP Dev needed to finish Alpha


A friend and I have been working on a vRP (FX) server for over a month now and have about everything in and functional, with a lot of attention to detail and extensive money making opportunities. We have reached the point where we only have the difficult tasks (at our level) to do, ie better garage system, lscustom, better car shop and a couple others. The server is functional right now but is lacking a few features that we are unable to figure out alone. We are looking for someone to come and help us get some key features integrated on the server and help us complete the Alpha phase of production. We are not looking to add any unique features, unheard of in the RP genre, we just need a skilled hand to do it the best way possible.

The current state of the server, like I mentioned, is functional. All aspects of vRP have been set up and are being utilized, from market systems to the economy and transformers, all set up with coords, blips, markers and tweaked to appear presentable. We have numerous legal, illegal and passive activities that makes appropriate sums of money, based on risk and with an assortment of usage with the transformer system. Skills, living spaces and interiors have been utilized, along with teleporters and so on. Different police branches, cloakrooms, clothing shops, group based garages and jobs…all already done. The only thing lacking is a proper car shop system, ls customs, a better garage system, a revamped police system and some minor details.

Currently, the dev team for the project is a two man team and the community backing it is about 20 to start, all waiting for server opening. I’m a graphic designer and the other dev is quick to learn code, so the server as a whole is well designed and thought through. We just recently set up a website/forum and have a discord.

If you want to join the team, you would need to be able to optimize and potentially edit the vRP FX framework and obviously be very familiar with the functionality and potential of FiveM.

PS: We know some people don’t like vRP, but it’s what we chose and what we’re going to stick with.


Send me details to contact you please.


We are currently looking for individuals who have worked with vRP before and can start helping without needing training or time to familiarize themselves with the framework.


I can help you get lscustoms, garages, and a showroom. That’s if noone has helped you already. I just added mine last night and it works pretty well.


Did you? I’d love to chit chat. DM me when you have a chance, if I don’t get to it first.


Thank you for the responses here and in DM, but we are no longer using the vRP framework.