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Who we are:
We’re a highly skilled team of users who have been playing FiveM since it’s release in mid 2016. Vortex Gaming is a FiveM server (Obviously) dedicated to giving the player the best possible roleplay experience in the most professional way.


  • Custom Scripts
  • Robberies
  • Properties
  • Bars
  • Black Market
  • Drugs
  • Custom Vehicles
  • Tattoos
  • Plastic Surgery
  • EMS/Police force

What we offer:
Vortex Gaming features hundreds of hours of content ranging from getting a job and working your way up, or becoming a notorious drug dealer and running the largest drug operations around Los Santos. VG allows for the player to select from a long list of jobs to earn money, and in turn purchase cars, weapons, drugs, drug locations, the possibilities are endless. Remember to keep your hunger and hydration for bottoming, you’ll die just as easily from dehydration then someone else with a rifle.

Vortex Gaming is a fairly new FiveM server that has had months of work and programming put into it, to give the player the best roleplay experience. We’re looking for loyal members for our staff team to assist in the growth of the server and the community. A city cannot be run without it’s police force, we’re looking for police officers to manage the streets of Los Santos and keep it nice and tidy. (As well as EMS’)
If you think you’re qualified for any of these positions, please contact me on Discord (Pyro#6346) Or join the public discord. Links are below.

[Discord] https://discord.gg/9tCuFWs
[Website] Coming Soon™

(Shots around the city)

Looking for new members and admins

Voila, another bump. Some notable features in the most recent update:

  • Added a selfie (camera). - Take pictures of you & your friends or around the city! Access with ALT + F (Check out the Discord to see it in action.)
  • Added some arrest animations. - Use the command /surrender to get down on your knees
  • Added a spectator camera for moderators to fool around with. :wink:
  • Added an anti seat shuffle script. Whenever you get in the passanger seat, you won’t automatically move to the driver seat. If you absolutely need to, (Because of a blocked door, etc,) type /shuffle.
  • Added a fancy [DEV] tag to the server in the server list.
  • Added an outlaw alert for police. ( Fight started by a male between street1 and street2 )
  • Fixed properties. You can now purchase properties. Inside these properties, you can switch clothing you’ve purchased previously, store and remove items & weapons from storages. There are properties all around Los Santos, all varying in different prices based on quality of property.
  • Added 8 blips for important land marks around the map. (Yacht, Up-n-Atom, etc)
  • Fixed lots & lots of bugs.


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