VolticRP | Serious | ALL DEPARTMENTS OPEN | Whitelisted | MDT Coming!



Introduction Text
Welcome to VolticRP’s official post, about the community.
VolticRP is a fun, and talent-full community, where the members are always right! We accept from the age of 13, and up to 100, if you’re still alive. :slight_smile:! We believe our community is a family and always love meeting new people!

We have many departments for which you can choose, we’re always accepting members!

Roleplay Departments Available

  1. Los Santos Police Department
  2. San Andreas Highway Patrol
  3. Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
  4. Los Santos Fire Department
  5. Civilian Operations
  6. Communications

What is the experience here with VolticRP?
The roleplay experience we offer here at VolticRP is unlike any other, we’re always updating our server and file pack to be the best for everyone! VolticRP is one of the best-whitelisted communities, we’re fair with ranking ups, and don’t allow people to pay to rank up.

Contact Information
To join the community we’re offering a 48-hour chance for you to come into our discord and fill out a small form, which will be responded to by the head administration, after this, you’ll be put on probation until we can create a basic hierarchy.

If you wish to join the recruit operation, that we’re holding join this discord @ https://discord.gg/9WDTJ3v
Our website address is still being configured, but will be done via InvisionPowerboard, paid for by myself.


Vouch for community
Longtime friend, best friend and real good RPer.
Community has just introduced a cool CAD, and is really fun!


Cool community, fun and interesting, I recommend you to join.


Thanks! I’m bumping this post, we’ll be unwhitelisted for two days, to let you guys see how we RP, Join Discord to become a cop today, or a civilian, or EMS, Link in top post.
IP is


To inform you all, I’m offering anyone who connects to our discord, a rank in any department that they would want
Just connect to. https://discord.gg/9WDTJ3v


The Discord link is expired…