Voice Chat like OCRP Jeffs server


I have been in a few servers that has a circle under your ped light up green when you press to talk then when you stop talking the circle goes away ive seen this in many servers and im wondering if its somewhere you can download it here is a screenshot i can provide.


here it is [Release] FamilyRP Styled Voice Chat


Now i know where to change the color but like if i were to make it to where there is not a circle when not talking to the circle lighting up when you talk could i do this to this script?


I think almost every server is using my script now xd


just delete the actual circle in the if statement where it draws the circle.


I got it all working now :slight_smile: ive figured it out from the get go thanks for the help tho!!


Are you in Jeff’s server? Do you have the discord invite? If so can you PM me. The application on the website is not working.


We currently have apps closed

But yes, I just got rid of the idle circle so it only shows up when someone is speaking