vMenu v3.1.2

i cant seem to find where to change this could you please advice?

Read the docs man

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Idk whats wrong, but after FiveM’s update last night i got unstabile vMenu , i got about 1gb losses of memory and warpPlayer native effects on esx mod , now i can’t teleport in to vehicle using esx , my player always stay outside of vehicle.

And at the end every time i getting this

That’s esx, so not vMenu related though?

You’re probably crashing something somehow. Provide your client CitizenFX.log file (inside your fivem folder installation) after trying to play on the server and trying to use vMenu.

Something is indeed leaking something, though I doubt this is vMenu actually leaking something.

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I changed nothing in esx and vMenu for last days , i think FiveM broke something.

Idk but when I stopping vMenu everything works perfectly when I start it problems are starting (
Here you are :
CitizenFX.log (3.6 MB)

Unsure if this is possible or if you remember a while back I requested you change the code to allow another script to let the minimap disappear without disabling it in your menu because your menu was forcing it to be on or off. I would like to request the same thing with some other commands. I have built an admin system for my server and some commands example being /invis to turn invisible or /god to go into god-mode do not work because Vmenu is saying god is either on or off or invis is either invis or not the only reason I know its that is because I compiled my own version of vmenu and removed the god mode and invis functionality to test it. so if it’s possible to change in future updates I would appreciate it. the menu is great for what we use it for but we don’t use it for administrative ability.

Okay , i installed lates version of vMenu , only some problems with esx solved but i still have crazy memory losses :

My friend tested it on his local server and same for him (
after restart latest version i gettin this :

Then just disable the permissions for those options…?

invisibility doesn’t even loop every tick… it’s just a toggle, so no that’s not true that vMenu is blocking this.

godmode is actually needed for mp character creator and some other stuff like noclip to be set in some loops. So yeah you can’t disable godmode probably. Though you can definitely set a player as invincible using another native.

what other admin tools are you using that isn’t added into vMenu already?

@KeyWest it’s crashing when setting animation decorators… for the clothing options. Do you have another resource(s) that set (a lot of) decorators on peds or vehicles?

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can someone say were are rendered videos located?
I rendered my whole stuff and did not find it…
I use steam and yes I took a look into the Rockstar Games rendered videos(there is no rendered folder), but there is nothing. thanks for help anyway.

it’s just using the built-in natives, so use the rockstar editor to create and then export the videos I guess. no clue where they’re actually stored on the disk though.

ok, the problem is that my Addon cars will not get rendered when I use Gta because I don’t have them for gta…
well, would be nice if there is an option that the rendered videos get into the server/vMenu folder. But that is for sure not possible, though.
thanks for help :slight_smile:

Yeah you can just stay in the server, but disconnect from the session, and then use the rockstar editor in FiveM?

That way cars will stay streamed.

they’re recorded on the client somewhere, not server side at all.

that’s actually a good idea, I will try that :slight_smile:

I have esx_clotheshop and esx_benny, than yes ) but my friend installed vMenu on fresh server , and he has memory leaks and fps drop too (

C:\Users\USer\AppData\Local\Rockstar Games\GTA V\videos\rendered

Are they using any client side mods? Or any other resources at all?

Nope the game is clean, all server sided