vMenu v3.1.0 - A server-sided menu including (almost) full permissions support

Nope. Though it could also be some client side mod if you have them.

I don’t find

Where do I get the key codes? I want the menu to open when I press F1

sooo i cant lock the MP menu? i see there is only 1 permission for it. and its set to a custom rank noone has but like 3 people and everyone on the server has access to it and even if i take out the permission all together before you say its because i have edited my version its not i took your original release and put it into my server loaded the perms file and inside of this perms file i have it set to ONLY give my group the MP ped command. then i removed myself from the group lost everything else that im not allowed to view but the MP custom stays

There’s no specific permission for the mp ped characters menu, it uses exactly the same permission as the normal player appearance menu. This is because it’s actually a part of “player appearance customization”.

@get_duckt1 it’s on the FiveM docs.

@Michael_Emond you can’t find what?

Is there a way to change the name of the menu instead of the username

Nope there’s not.

Is it possible at all to get vMenu to work in singleplayer GTA V, outside of Fivem?

There’s really no other trainer like it out there besides Lambda, and Lambda is horridly outdated.

nope, would pretty much have to remake MenuAPI completely and vMenu as well to work with scripthook. Besides, I know absolutely nothing about C++ so I’d have no clue where to even start.

All this would take many months, and I’m not going to be spending that time to just make another free mod. Simply can’t afford it.

would be possible using SHV.NET only thing required is something to replace CitizenFX.Core.Native.API, so a wrapper for the methods or replace all the natives invoke back to Function.Call

alternately people should just use FiveM SP and it could end up having a minimal resource binding :confused:

no idea why this person wants a fivem thing ported to non-fivem stuff

Still all server side components wouldn’t work at all.

vMenu v2.2.2

Download here


Permission changes

  • vMenu.VehicleOptions.SpecialGod This permission is now removed, all god mode options will now fall under the ‘vMenu.VehicleOptions.God’ permission instead.
  • vMenu.VehicleOptions.BikeSeatbelt Allows you to enable the bike seatbelt option, preventing you from falling off bikes, ATVs, etc.
  • vMenu.VehicleOptions.Invisible Allows you to make a vehicle invisible.
  • vMenu.VehicleOptions.InfiniteFuel Allows you to enable the Infinite Fuel option in the vehicle options menu (requires FRFuel).
  • vMenu.PersonalVehicle.ExclusiveDriver Allows you to become the exclusive driver of this vehicle.
  • vMenu.PlayerAppearance.AddonPeds Allows you to spawn a addon ped from the list. (This is not required to spawn addon peds using the ‘spawn by name’ option.)

Convar changes

  • vmenu_disable_daily_update_checks Default: false, allows you to disable the daily update checks. Does not disable the update checks when (re)starting the server/resource.

All changes

  • Update client and server CFX API dependencies.
  • Various MAPI (MenuAPI) version updates.
  • Internal refactoring of code and moving data classes to sub-folders.
  • Completely re-write the vehicle options -> vehicle colors sub-menu (still no RGB support sadly).
  • (Dynamic) Weather changes now last only 30 seconds instead of 45, this is because the visual effect only lasts for around 15 seconds, so it was pointless to have to wait 30 seconds in order to change the weather again. Only having to wait 15 seconds as a ‘cool-down’ to prevent buggy changes is a lot better.
  • While the weather is changing, you will now no longer be able to select another weather type until the current transition is completed. This takes 30 seconds (at most). The weather options will be grayed out and locked while you are unable to change the weather.
  • Disable dynamic weather automatically if the weather type is changed/set to XMAS, HALLOWHEEN, or NEUTRAL. It can still be re-enabled if you switch to another weather type and then manually re-enable the dynamic weather changes.
  • Pre-fill the current license plate text in the “Enter new license plate text” input box when changing the license plate text.
  • Add vehicle invisibility option.
  • Re-code the parachute options menu.
  • Add unlimited parachutes option to the new parachutes menu.
  • Change the way ‘never wanted’ is managed internally.
  • Add a ‘bike seatbelt’ option.
  • Mark vehicles as “not wanted” and “not stolen” when spawning a new vehicle.
  • Add full customization to the auto-pilot options menu. You can now create your own custom driving style in-game.
  • Add new hot-key/instructional buttons to the vehicle options -> vehicle mod menu to allow for easy vehicle doors opening/closing while modifying your car.
  • Merged PR By PNWParksFan: Added bomb bay door support to doors menu.
  • Added extra1 and extra2 doors to the vehicle doors menu. (Not present on any stock GTA V vehicles (AFAIK), but they are available on some modded vehicles.)
  • Change the way safe-teleporting works. It’s now slightly slower, but should be 99% accurate all the time.
  • Add a lot more customization options for vehicle godmode. You can now specify specific damage types to be enabled/disabled. Note some god mode options override other (god mode) options.
  • Add a ‘show vehicle health’ option to the vehicle options menu.
  • Added the ability to remove vehicle doors from inside the vehicle doors menu. Note that the option “delete removed doors from world” is NOT synced for other players, to all other players it will look like the doors just fall off, they won’t get removed from the world.
  • Re-add interior lights toggle option to the ‘vehicle lights’ list item, since this doesn’t crash the game anymore like it used to 9 months ago.
  • Add ‘Exclusive Driver’ option to the personal vehicle options menu.
  • Add daily update checks (can be disabled using convars).
  • Players with the ‘vMenu.Staff’ permission will now always receive a notification if vMenu is outdated. Even if the convar for update notifications is disabled. “Normal” players will not receive these notifications if the convar is disabled. If the convar is set to enabled (default) then everyone will receive a notification if vMenu is outdated.
  • Add a filter option to the banned players menu. Press the jump key (| 22 | INPUT_JUMP | SPACEBAR | X |) while the banned players menu is open to filter the list based on (part of) a username. Press the jump key again and leave the input box empty to reset the filter. Alternatively, clicking on a banned players record or backing out of the menu will also reset the filter.
  • Add ‘max textures’ indicator to clothing and props lists in the MP character creator menu. This makes it easier to find all texture variations for a specific clothing item or ped prop.
  • Add ‘Neck Thickness’ option to the face shape features menu in the MP character creator menu. This should have been added earlier, but it was never included due to a typo in a for-loop.
  • The Addons Vehicle menu now contains vehicle classes. Each addon car is sorted into it’s correct vehicle class category. This should hopefully prevent 200+ vehicles in one single menu.
  • The update checker will now check if the server is a ZAP-Hosting server. If it is, then it will check the one-click installer version first before marking the vMenu version as outdated. This is done to hopefully prevent unnecessary spam in the console when the one-click installer isn’t updated yet.
  • Add ‘infinite fuel’ option to the vehicle options menu. This requires FRFuel to be installed.
  • Added permission for the addon peds submenu.


  • Fixed: Removed the wind speed ‘bug’. This was accidentally added when I was testing wind options, shouldn’t have been pushed to production. Thanks for the multiple reports about this.
  • Fixed: Reset the dynamic weather timer to the configured delay whenever the weather is manually changed.
  • Fixed: The server side weather command is now fixed.
  • Fixed: Permissions will now be checked correctly on initial join when setting the player’s swim and run speed multipliers.
  • Fixed: Correctly set/update the license selected plate type inside the list option whenever switching vehicles or re-opening the vehicle options menu.
  • Fixed: Hide all vehicle options sub-menus when not in any vehicle.
  • Fixed: A couple of crashes/null object exceptions.
  • Fixed: No-clip should now work again when you’re in a vehicle that’s completely broken/dead.
  • Fixed: Hazard lights / indicator lights should now always turn off when you toggle them off for all vehicles. This apparently didn’t work for some vehicles like taxi’s, however nobody ever reported it broken… :confused:
  • Fixed: Removed the ‘spawned saved weapon loadout’ message on first join if a weapon loadout was set to ‘default’ and ‘equip on (re)spawn’ was enabled.
  • Fixed: Fix players not receiving the ‘vMenu is outdated’ notification even if it was set to enabled (default) in the permissions.cfg.
  • Fixed: A typo in the banned players menu has been fixed. (‘Again’ instead of ‘Agian’).
  • Fixed: Prevent empty player names in ban records in the bans.json.
  • Fixed: Update checker is now fixed for ZAP-Hosting servers, there was a small bug preventing new servers from being registered from some ZAP-Hosting IP addresses.
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how much space is required

uhm what? To install vMenu on your server?
ehh the downloaded files are probably ~1.3MB.

Though additional files like bans.json and vmenu.log files can be generated at runtime.

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we try ti change the menu to pop up but it didnt work

This is the error I get with the brand new update of vMenu.

Help i cant open the menu in my zap hosting server

Should I replace my current permissions.cfg with the new updated one? Or can we keep our old permissions?

@Chemical that’s the exact same issue @KeyWest was having. It’s most likely caused by a conflicting resource that adds a shit ton of decorators in-game. And vMenu is sadly the one that crashes because of it.

@Dmi_Shaw need more info, no info = no fix/help.

@xian same for you, need more info, no info = no fix/help.

@josherry I usually recommend replacing it, but you can also just keep your existing one and just add the missing/new permissions and convar options in. I always provide a list of changes specific to permissions and convar changes at the top of the changelog.