vMenu v3.1.0 - A server-sided menu including (almost) full permissions support

Nope the game is clean, all server sided

My friend uses carpack and vMenu only

Be great if the Discord groups could be added as an option over ace permissions. Allows for more control for users on a server rather than the ace permissions that require restarts etc.

sorry if its misunderstood i love vmenu for its admin tools but i built my own system using /commands instead because adding and removing staff members to vmenu is a pain. i like to beable to add and remove staff members if needed on the fly and ingame. i dont like the idea of not being able to pull powers from someone if there is a issue while in the game easily.

This is not something that should be implemented in vMenu itself. You can very easily write a small script that does exactly this and just adds the player to a principal group before the client has fully joined.

If nobody can figure this out then I’ll provide an example resource for it some other time I guess, but it won’t be added into vMenu, since vMenu itself relies on principal permissions and that’ll never change unless fxserver stops supporting it.

I don’t get why it’s such a pain, all you need to do is execute the commands in the server console/rcon, (make sure to also add the commmands to the permissions.cfg to make them persistent), then just let that player (re)join and it’ll be updated. No need to restart the server to add players to a group just for vMenu…

If there’s an issue while in-game then that’s probably worth restarting the server anyway to make sure it’s fixed for everyone. If it’s just one player that needs to be removed, just execute remove_principal and kick the player to make sure they re-join (or even tempban if it’s a really urgent issue)?

I don’t mind you using your own resource for this, it’s just I’m not going to completely re-design the godmode part just because another resource can’t force-disable it.

Well I have no clue. I don’t have any issues here, and neither does anyone else from what I can tell… You two seem to be the only ones affected, so I’m guessing its something with your FiveM or your servers that’s fucked up.

Maybe make it able to disallow the misc perms, cause i don’t like it that my civs kan spawn to different locations using a marker :frowning:

you can disable that teleport menu.


godmode is actually needed for mp character creator and some other stuff like noclip to be set in some loops. So yeah you can’t disable godmode probably. Though you can definitely set a player as invincible using another native.

so on the newest version of your menu everything else including invis wich I thought did not work. works but godmode. when its on using a different native… players can still kill me with guns… the environment cant kill me but players can. could you tell me were the godmode loops are in your code if u recall so i can disable them?

multiple places, i don’t support editing the source code. Especially if you disable godmode for stuff like noclip and the mp character editor, that’s bad and will ruin the experience for players. Especially if they almost finished a character, only to be killed because you disabled the godmode feature. and then they lose all customization.

Also what native have you tried?

i can understand that in a environment were you are using that but i do not let players use that on my server we have it set so when u join our code handles your character customization and edits im using your menu for weather/ time and as a dev tool for testing among other things. so in my case it would not harm it. this is my set up for godmode

local function EnableGodMode()
		local ped = PlayerPedId()
		GodModePlayer(PlayerId(), ped, true)
		while godMode do
			SetEntityInvincible(GetPlayerPed(-1), true)
			SetPlayerInvincible(PlayerId(), true)
			if GetEntityHeightAboveGround(ped) > 1.0 and GetEntityHeightAboveGround(ped) < 10.0 then
				SetPedCanRagdoll(ped, false)
			if IsPedInAnyVehicle(ped, true) then
				vehicle = GetVehiclePedIsIn(ped, false)

				if not godModeVehicles[vehicle] then
					godModeVehicles[vehicle] = true
					GodModeVehicle(vehicle, true)
				if IsVehicleDamaged(vehicle) then 
					SetVehicleEngineHealth(vehicle, 1000.0)
					SetVehicleBodyHealth(vehicle, 1000.0)
					SetVehiclePetrolTankHealth(vehicle, 1000.0)
					SetVehicleUndriveable(vehicle, false)
		for k,v in pairs(godModeVehicles) do
			local vehicle = k
			if DoesEntityExist(vehicle) then
				GodModeVehicle(vehicle, false)
		godModeVehicles = {}
		GodModePlayer(PlayerId(), PlayerPedId(), false)

and this is the function for GodModePlayer

local function GodModePlayer(player, ped, toggle)
	SetEntityInvincible(ped, toggle)
	SetPlayerInvincible(player, toggle)
	SetPedSuffersCriticalHits(ped, not toggle)
	SetPedDiesWhenInjured(ped, not toggle)
	SetPedDiesInWater(ped, not toggle)
	SetPedDiesInVehicle(ped, not toggle)
	SetPedDiesInSinkingVehicle(ped, not toggle)
	SetPedCanBeTargetted(ped, not toggle)
	SetEnableScuba(ped, toggle)
	SetEveryoneIgnorePlayer(player, toggle)
	SetEntityCanBeDamaged(ped, not toggle)
	SetPedCanBeKnockedOffVehicle(ped, not toggle)
	SetPedCanBeDraggedOut(ped, not toggle)
	SetPedCanBeShotInVehicle(ped, not toggle)
	SetPlayerCanBeHassledByGangs(player, not toggle)

I just tried this with godmode in vMenu disabled:

    while true do
        SetEntityInvincible(PlayerPedId(), true)
        SetPlayerInvincible(PlayerId(), true)
        SetEntityInvincible(PlayerPedId(), true)
        SetPlayerInvincible(PlayerId(), true)

couldn’t take any damage at all…

did you have anyone join and shoot you with a gun? cause like i said i take no damage at all from anything in the environment. unless its a player with a gun. i can join and shoot u if u need a tester

yep, no client mods, no other godmode resources, just that loop in runcode, vMenu’s godmode disabled:

and pvp enabled of course.

feel free to join btw, join my discord to get whitelisted for that.

thanks for that ill give your code a go here. appreciate it

i do appreciate all the hard work on the menu you have made one amazing resource that can benefit alot of different people and the support.

Danke!! ^^ <3

Is it possible to make additional sections in the “Addon vehicles” menu (in the addon.json)?

No. The addons section will be recoded soon to group addon vehicles by their vehicle class, just like the vehicle spawner and saved vehicles menu.

Is Torque Boost broken? It isn’t working on the server I play on…

Works fine unless another resource forces it to be something else.

Is there any known conflicts?