vMenu v3.0.3 - A server-sided menu including (almost) full permissions support

These are the changes coming up in the next update. Need to do more bug testing first though.


I hope to release this version either tomorrow (Monday) or on Tuesday.

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id like to request permission to edit this and remove some options like god mode and vehicle stuff for my RP server?

Why would you need to edit this to remove those features, when there’s already permissions support for it? Though, take a look at the copyright notice/license on the github page for more info.

I’ve just tested with 2 players, 1 addon car. Continues respawning for 1 minute straight on 1 client, then switching to the other client and doing the same thing for roughly one minute straight. Switched clients pretty much 4 times now and still out of all the cars I’ve spawned, not once has it deleted another vehicle.

I’ve tried being in the car, outside of the car, all possible combinations of player 1 being in/out and player 2 vice versa. Having “Spawn Inside” turned on/off, having “replace previous” turned on/off for one or both players.

I really feel like I’ve tested it all but I can’t seem to reproduce this bug…

I know this may sound stupid, but I have no clue how to setup my steam Id as a part of a class or whatever. So in short I have no clue how to make myself have all the permissions. Can you give me in elaborate detail how to organize the permissions, I’m new to hosting, I’m just doing a freeroam server

Have you tried looking at the installation instructions wiki page? Or the permissions wiki page? If you want to get your steam id, license or ip identifiers I suggest you use something like WhatsMyId on your server to find out exactly what your identifiers are.

do i edit the permissions cfg in root folder, or permissions in the menu config folder, or both?

God Mode,
No Clip

are they enabled for everyone by default?

According to the instructions on the wikipage:
Copy the permissions.cfg file located in /resources/vMenu/config/ to the same folder as the folder where your server.cfg is located. Then edit the permissions.cfg file in that same folder that your server.cfg is located. Then add exec permissions.cfg to your server.cfg file.

For the (godmode, and other) permissions check here: https://github.com/TomGrobbe/vMenu/wiki/Permissions#player-options

If you use the provided server.cfg then yes.

vMenu v1.0.7 - New features, bug-fixes and removed/improved some things.


  • Added temporary workaround for engine on/off toggle bug.
  • Cleaned up code.


  • Disabled saved car spawning if the car is not available on the current server (addon/future dlc cars for example).


  • Added addon vehicles, peds and weapons lists, which can be customized by the server owner (checkout the new addons.json file). If you want to be able to spawn addon vehicles from the addons list, then add this permission: vMenu.VehicleSpawner.Addon. If you want to be able to spawn weapon addons from the addons list, then add this permission: vMenu.WeaponOptions.Spawn. If you want to spawn addon peds from the list, then make sure you have this permission: vMenu.PlayerAppearance.SpawnNew.
  • Added “Spawn Weapon By Name” option.
  • Added “Spawn Player Model By Name” option.
  • Added “Set All Ammo” and “Refill All Ammo” buttons to set/refill the ammo in all of your weapons at once. Requires the vMenu.WeaponOptions.SetAllAmmo permission (that single permission will grant access to both those options).
  • Added parachute options menu to the “Weapon Options” menu. Equip primary and reserve parachutes, change the style of each of them and set a smoke trail color. Note changing smoke color is a bit buggy. To change it, stop using smoke for about 5-10 seconds, then scroll through the colors a few times and then stop to end up on the color that you want. Then start using smoke again.
  • Added permission support for spawning weapons: vMenu.WeaponOptions.Spawn is now required to be able to spawn any weapon. (Note, if you have the vMenu.WeaponOptions.GetAll permission, you’ll still be able to use the “Get All Weapons” button even if you don’t have the vMenu.WeaponOptions.Spawn permission.
  • Added driving tasks options. (Player Options > Player Actions > Drive To Waypoint / Drive Around Randomly). Note that it’s still a WIP and you can’t set a custom driving style just yet. It’s currently set to “rushed”.


  • Fixed a small issue regarding the window title when getting user input (the black input box).
  • Fixed saved cars (old format) not being converted/saved correctly to the new format. The save was fine, but it used the wrong save name when re-saving. This is now fixed.
  • Attempted another fix/improvement that has to do with the car spawning and deleting bug. It works fine for me, not sure if others will have issues with it. Just note that if you see something like this in the console: Invalid network/entity ID that is NOT caused by vMenu. It’s another scrip that fails to handle Network ID’s correctly.

Download here or here: vMenu-v1.0.7.zip (451.4 KB)


Yay! Sounds good. :slight_smile:

I just put latest version on my server then it said new version so I was like, what! Release 2 minutes ago! :thinking:

:sweat_smile: gotta keep up :wink:

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Hmmmm for some reason I am unable to open the menu completely. I tried setting key to M and leaving it blank.

uhm… did you add the addons.json file? Let me test something hold on.

Yes I did. Does it go in root folder or resource folder?

Just stays in the resource folder. And it’s not the issue I just checked. PM me please and set the debug options to true in the __resource.lua file.

Found the issue. If your addons.json file cannot be read for some reason. It crashes…
Uploading a fix now.

vMenu-v1.0.7.zip (451.4 KB)
GitHub and previous post have been updated with the correct file. Here is the fixed version.

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Thanks for the quick fix.

so basically take

add_ace builtin.everyone “vMenu.NoClip” allow
change it to
add_ace builtin.everyone “vMenu.NoClip” deny

and then add
add_ace builtin.admin “vMenu.NoClip” allow
add_ace builtin.moderator “vMenu.NoClip” allow

or will admins and mods automatically be allowed to use functions everyone cant?

If you add a moderator to a permission admins will be able to use it too.