vMenu v3.0.3 - A server-sided menu including (almost) full permissions support


Send your permission.cfg and I can try to help while vespura is busy.

Need HELP cant use V menu on any server but others can

i installed lspdfr and v menu stopped working

Other than admin permissions, nothing else has been changed in the permissions; everything is default basically. But as for the LSPDFR update, I will inform my players, and I will request logs from them.

WARNING :warning:

LSPDFR fucks with any FiveM resource that uses Newtonsoft.Json.dll.


  • you can’t use vMenu in any server if you have lspdfr installed


  • report the bug to lspdfr devs
  • take vMenu’s Newtonsoft.Json.dll from the vMenu download, and put it inside your gta v installation folder
  • uninstall lspdfr completely
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im getting a hitch warning when i use vMenu that causes people to lag out of the server. Any fix

Will it be possible to change the logo of the t-shirt for MP characters?

No fix because no info or repro.

What do you mean?

i deleted my LSPDFR and my Vmenu is still not working

If you read above that’s not the only step you need to take.

So i don’t really have much information to provide, but upon starting my server with vMenu installed, i get a warning that says "Hitch Warning: Frame time of 295 milliseconds. But when i start the server with out vmenu installed i dont get that warning. Im paying for pretty much the premium stats for the server. Or is it a bug with the menu or a conflicting script.

That’s the update check, that’s completely normal and nothing to worry about. It’s only on initial start. This can’t possibly cause timeout issues.

ok. because some times vMenu it seems when i try spawning a custom vehicle it will take a while to spawn then I’ll get timed out. i dont know if its vMenu or if its something else.

vMenu will not load if the model isn’t properly streamed, whoever it will try to load the model if it’s correctly streamed, but just extremely massive. So that’s just a vehicle issue in that case, or your connection is very bad. It’s not a vMenu issue as there’s no way vMenu could cause a timeout if it actually waits until some model is loaded.

Something like that. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

The emblem/logo is superimposed over the t-shirt.

Can this mod be used in single player, or is it for fivem only?

Addon vehicles separated by vehicle class now… #Triggered
Ruined my Organization…

Looks like that’s just the badges/overlays which is already a thing @speedium

It’s a server side resource, so no you can’t install this client side.


No. This is the PedDecorationCollection, not badges. Just checked.

I did it like this
SetPedDecoration(PlayerPedId(), "mpluxe2_overlays", "MP_LUXE_LC_000_M")