vMenu v3.0.3 - A server-sided menu including (almost) full permissions support

so I set myself as an admin and I have access to nothing? and I set myself as a nonadmin user a user and I still don’t have access to the one menu I left avail for players… Am I confused?

Absolute Legend, well done! <3

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That would actually be great if both of these made it in. Perhaps is it possible to use Lambda’s existing list of NPC Names?

maybe, but I’m not 100% sure if it’s in the right order compared to my list, will take a look though.

Can you pm me your permissions.cfg file? that’s a lot easier to check out compared to a gif.

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dumb question / n00b question. I am using vRP and am very new to fivem and modifications so I only know of groups from vRP menu. How does one add themselves to the admin / moderator group in permissions, and if it revolves around that steam identifier string, how do I find out what the users are?

I’ve got a wiki page explaining everything that you need to know/do to set this up, including one page dedicated to permissions. Wiki link.

You can either have them join, and go to <serverip:port>/players.json and look through it there, however an easier method is to use something like WhatsMyId and let the players join your server, then it’ll print out all identifiers for each player onto the server console.

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Thank you for your reply, that is exactly what I was looking for!

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so for some reason it keeps making the sun glitch back and forth over and over like its trying to change time or weather while the script is funning

Are you running another weather resource such as vSync? vMenu also tries to control the weather so they may be conflicting.

i use a custom weather script i made to handel the weather so its cool to use this to switch weathers but i dont want it to handel syncing do you know how to turn it off?

look in one of the files i dont remember which but i saw it

I believe you need to add this line…
set vMenuDisableTimeAndWeatherSync 'true’
to the top of your server.cfg.

hm dosent seem to work

Yes that’s how you’d disable weather and time sync. However, you’ll need to use at least v1.0.2 or above for this to work.

You can’t have this resource running with weather and time sync if you have another resource that also manages this. So you’ll have to add the convar to the server.cfg to disable it, like stated above.
If this doesn’t work then you either aren’t using the most recent version or you’re not setting the convar correctly.

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Convars needs to be ABOVE the starting of the resource, not after/blow it…

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understood let me switch that up i also just PM’ed you my perms file thank you for all the help man

I have got mine below my database convar, and it still interferes with vsync.

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Would it be possible to add an additional weather effect that combines the XMAS Snow w/ the blizzard XD? I love both of them, but I would absolutely love it more if I could have the snow all over the ground + a blizzard out.

Snow in L.A. lolwut?

Btw got all my privileges figured out. This menu is beautiful.

Edit: My other admins love it too. Huge step-up from what we were using.

First of all this is so far above and beyond the other menus out there that words can not tell you how grateful many of us are. I have one possible bug and one request to share.

Request: Unless I am missing it, it would be nice for admins to be able to turn on player blips to keep an eye on things.

Possible Bug: Having an issue when I spawn in an addon police vehicle it randomly (or seemingly so) disappears even while driving it. This did not start happening until I loaded vMenu. I know in the past there was an issue with a locking script doing the same thing to people but can’t remember the name of the script.

At the end of the day this is one of the best releases I have seen come to FiveM in a long time. Thanks for the obvious hard work you have put into this project.


edit: I am running v 1.0.3.


@4David10 The car disappearing happen with me as well. Are you using AddonsVehicleSpawnMenu too?