vMenu v3.0.2 - A server-sided menu including (almost) full permissions support



CitizenFX.log (334.8 KB)


Resintalled five m with no avail. Attached the log file like you asked also reset all bind to default in gta in game. No success.


Completely reinstalled GTAV and then reinstalled FiveM. Still can not use and vmenu in any fivem servers.


I think you think this is a client side menu. This only works in servers where it is installed server-sided, as it’s a server sided menu.


Newtonsoft.json.dll is corrupt. Use th search button at the top of the this page and then search for Newtonsoft.json.dll and make sure to check the “search in this thread” checkbox, I’m sure you’ll find the solution that way. If not, just scroll up less than 50 posts from the bottom and you’ll also find my most recent “warning” post about it.


Is there a way to add vehicles to certain categories eg. make a BMW category and add all BMWs to said category, and also move all vanilla vehicles to one category?


Hey I am trying to change my M keybind to F1 for my server, everything else is working properly but when I use the ID for F1 from the FiveM Documentation page it doesn’t change it from M to F1, do you know a possible fix for this? I am using ID: 288


@Vespura Suggestion (Would be SICk if there was an option in player menu to send dm’s (Direct Messeges) To Other Players.)


@Tiara_JDM_Squad That’s already implemented in the latest dev builds. :wink:

@Kyd_Gamer show what line you’ve changed exactly, it is the right key.

@Cole_Plays nope.


setr vmenu_menu_toggle_key 288 [That is the line exactly]


I am having issues. I have binded the key to F1 (288) and it’s only working for M. I got some players that are not able to open the vMenu at all. Any idea?

Also, I have noclip completely turned off through the settings and people can still use it.


@Kyd_Gamer what’s your server artifacts version? Type version in the server console and show the output please.

Let them ask for help here, there’s nothing I can do if I have to go through you to reach them for support.

You’re most likely not executing the permissions file (correctly) or at all.


Add a way so npc punches can’t knock your head props off please! Other than that, it’s awesome!! Great job!


Just downloaded the v3 beta and the saved peds I had before arn’t showing up. Is this a know issue?


It’s a beta for a reason yeah, saved peds are not implemented there yet.
Thanks for reporting it though.


Thought so ta.


Thanks for the reply, I got it fixed.


Can’t you just scroll up…? It’s not that hard is it…? Or just use CTRL + F?


Can someone help me how to fix vmenu? Im playing on velocity drift but i cant open f1,f2… they changed the keys from M to F1… I reinstalled GTA, Fivem, i have NOT installed lspdfr


Maybe read the docs then, basic troubleshooting starts with reading the FAQ and providing information.